Yasmeen Rashad
Portrayed by Medalion Rahimi
7x05 - Yasmeen Rashad 01
Other Character
Biographical Information
Born: June 30, 1998
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: "Adventures in Babysitting"
  • Yasmeen Talebi
Past Occupations:
  • Student
Physical Description
Past Relationships:
Character Information
Appears in: "Adventures in Babysitting"
Appearance Count: 1

Yasmeen Rashad was the niece of President Rashad.


Yasmeen was pulled out in the middle of class for her own safety when her uncle's life was in danger because of the Bashrani rebels. Quinn and Charlie kept her at QPA and babysat her as Olivia asked them to. Yasmeen texted her girlfriend, Gillian, from Charlie's phone and snuck out to go meet her when the team wouldn't let her use her phone and say goodbye to her. Later, Abby and Huck found them at a rest stop and brought them back to QPA.

When Mellie sent Rashad back to Bashran so that he could reinstated as president, Yasmeen refused going back to the country. Quinn told her that going back to Bashran is good for her and that if she did, she could make a change to the country for good and comforted her. Yasmeen then agreed to go back to Bashran with her uncle. Quinn and Charlie dropped off Yasmeen at the tarmac and watched as she boarded the plane with her uncle. As the plane took off, it blew up and killed both Yasmeen and her uncle.




Gillian was Yasmeen's girlfriend. When Quinn and Charlie pulled Yasmeen out of school for her safety, she didn't get to say goodbye to her girlfriend. So, Yasmeen took off quietly to meet Gillian. But Abby and Huck found them at a rest stop and dragged them back to QPA.


Farid Rashad

Farid was the uncle of Yasmeen. He took in and looked after her after his brother, Amir, died. He changed her name from Yasmeen Rashad to Yasmeen Talebi and sent her to the U.S for her education. When he went back to his country, he also took Yasmeen back with him. Unfortunately, the plane blew up and killed both him and Yasmeen.

Notes & Trivia

  • She attended Dartmouth.
  • Her major in college was English with a minor in Gender Studies.