Virgil Punkett was a lawyer in the Navy who was killed and had his identity stole by a B613 Agent.

Season Four

Virgil Plunkett is assigned to Ensign Martin's case, which is his first rape case.

Virgil’s ineptness is on full display during the deposition as Admiral Hawley claims he wasn’t even on the ship at the time of the rape. Ensign Martin reveals that she’s pregnant, she wants Olivia to get her off the ship so she can get an abortion and actions are put in play to make this happen. As the The Navy continues to stonewall Olivia Pope & Associates, Olivia makes a call to the president but unfortunately there’s nothing Fitz can do about it because it is a military matter.

After saying goodby to Ensign, Olivia and Quinn realize her lawyer may have been an imposter.


Rowan assassinated Virgil as well as all of the B613 Agents who could implicate him The B613 Trial, along with all those incriminating files.

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