"Vermont is For Lovers, Too"
3x08 - Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant
Season Three
Season 03, Episode 08
Episode Information
Air Date: November 21, 2013
Viewers: 8.93 million
Written by: Mark Wilding
Directed by: Ava DuVernay
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Previous Episode: "Everything's Coming Up Mellie"
Next Episode: "YOLO"

Vermont is For Lovers, Too is the eighth episode of the third season of Scandal, and is the thirty-seventh overall.


Olivia and the team try to handle both uncovering the truth behind Operation Remington, while also managing a potential crisis with the Josie Marcus campaign. Meanwhile, Quinn falls further down the rabbit hole with Charlie, and Cyrus creates a plan to take down Sally, but doesn’t think of the possible harm he could inflict on himself.


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • OPA continues to investigate the mystery behind the death of Olivia's mom
  • Quinn has to cover her tracks once the team goes looking for the man she murdered
  • Harrison & Abby must handle a crisis with the Josie Marcus campaign
  • Huck learns a startling secret about one of his own
White House:
  • Cyrus sets Daniel Douglas Langston up for an interview with James, with wicked intentions
  • Mellie plants thoughts into Daniel Douglas head about James and Cyrus' relationship
  • Fitz delays his visit to New Hampshire; Mellie suspects something is going on with him
Rowan & B613:
  • Charlie takes Quinn to work, reminding her, that she's B-613's inside man – or woman – at OPA now
  • Rowan visit's his wife and she tries to bargain with him to see her daughter
US Attorney’s Office:
  • David worked in conjunction with OPA after Congresswoman Josie Marcus' home was broken into


Maya wants to see Olivia before Rowan/Eli ships her off to another cell far, far away. She's been sitting in her current cell for over 20 years hiding in the bowels of the U.S. justice system. She wants this one thing before she's tossed away like the trash. She wants to see her daughter. Rowan lets her know that's not going to happen. Maya, devastated, bites through her wrists causing blood to spurt everywhere. She keeps chewing until she finds an artery. A guard finds her passed out. The doctor lets Rowan know that she'll recover physically, but mentally may be another story.

Olivia knows they are close to finding out the truth behind Operation Remington after the murder of the security guard who was their link to Omar Dresdan. The team searches for video footage of the killer. They have no idea that she just stepped into their office carrying coffee for all... Quinn! Charlie is in possession of a video showing Quinn killing the guard. He's pulling her strings now. Quinn runs into Jake while swiping security footage from a building near the murder scene. She lies and says she's doing so for the team as she hands over the file. There's an image that’ll take a day or two to scrub. Once Huck does this, he should be able to see the killer's face.

Charlie lets Command know that Olivia's team is still barking up the Omar Dresdan tree. They are ice cold in their pursuit for the truth. Rowan wants him to do as he was told if Quinn gets caught as their spy. He then pulls out a file of news clippings. They are all of Olivia's accomplishments. He shows them to Maya when she awakens in her hospital bed. There are no family photos. Maya doesn't believe Eli was a very good parent to their daughter. She also lets him know that she didn't make cookies when Olivia was sad. No, she made popcorn. (That explains her love for popcorn) Rowan gets angry. He lets Maya know that she's to blame for all the lost time with her daughter.

Charlie barely flinches when Quinn pulls a gun on him. He lets her know that she'll never get a better handler than him. He likes her. He suggests that Quinn actually likes him, too. The scrubbing of the photo image comes up empty. Quinn is in the clear for the time being… or is she? She arrives home to find a photo of her at the crime scene on the floor. Huck actually was able to capture the image. He now needs to know who Quinn is working for. His toolbox of torture devices is open and ready to go.

Someone broke into Josie Marcus's place to swipe Candace's laptop. No jewelry was taken so this looks like a political hit. Abby tries to get David to sign off on raiding Reston's office, but there's no probable cause. That doesn't stop Candace from going on TV to let the world know that her sister/mother's opponent had the most to gain from the theft. Harrison reads her the riot act for going rogue. A short time later, the stolen laptop is booted up at Reston’s campaign headquarters. Now David has probable cause for that raid. Candace is gloating for being the only one who called it. This is great news for Josie's campaign. Except…


David learns that there wasn't anything on Candace's stolen laptop that would help an opponent's campaign. It was wiped clean the day before the burglary. Abby knows that Candace likely staged the entire crime. She relays this hunch to Harrison, who just happens to be sleeping with his fellow gladiator's prime suspect, Candace. Josie goes off on Candace for her actions. Olivia assures her this isn't over. She advises Josie to fire Candace. Instead, Josie claims that she staged the theft. She withdraws herself from the campaign. She just couldn’t throw her daughter under the bus.

Cyrus sets up James on an interview assignment with Daniel Douglas. The plan is to get the vice president's hubby make a pass at his unsuspecting interviewer in order to blackmail Sally Langston – who just so happens to be out of town – into dropping her plans to run as an independent. Mellie drops hints that Cyrus and James have an open marriage. After James strikes out the first day of the interview Cyrus gives him some tips, tips that he knew would lead everything in the right direction. So at the VP's residences Daniel makes his move on James, who realizes this whole thing was a set up.


Speaking from experience Mellie shows signs of having a heart when she warns Cyrus of the possible consequences of setting Daniel Douglas up to flirt with James. But does Cyrus listen, hell no! At home Cyrus is waiting anxiously when his hubby returns home. James provides a little small talk before hopping into the shower. Moments later, Cyrus is sent photos by a guy he hired. They show James having sex with Daniel Douglas. This was not the plan at all. Should have listened to Mellie Cyrus!

The President wants to talk to Olivia about her father, but she's not answering the Fitz Phone. At least, not at first. When she finally does pick up it's only to tell Fitz to stop calling her. Then she smashes the Fitz Phone to bits. Jake lets her know that's not going to stop him from calling. He's right about that one. Fitz sends Tom to get Olivia to meet him in Vermont, she tells Tom "No!" But after he gives her a picture that proves that Fitz knows who her father is she hoops on the chopper sent by Fitz. After Olivia yells at him in a Cyrus type rant, Fitz lets her know that the house they are standing in is hers. Theirs. He had it built for the two of them when it looked like they might actually have a chance at a normal life. He could never be mayor there, but she could make jam.


Fitz wanted Olivia to see the place. He wanted her to see the dream. Olivia soaks this in before rushing into Fitz's arms and kissing him passionately. In Washington, Mellie, suspicious has Lauren call Fitz at his hotel in New Hampshire. No answer. Then his cell. No answer. She begins to wonder where her husband could possibly be. Nobody knows he's in the Green Mountain State rolling around on the floor naked with Olivia Pope. Of course, Mellie suspects the two of them are together somewhere after she has Lauren call Olivia's phone that receives no answer. This confirms her suspicions.


Fitz tells Olivia he loves her. He wanted her to hear it before he goes after her father. Olivia tells him to do what he has to do. She tells Fitz that he shouldn't sell the house. Not yet. When she arrives back at the office, Jake can tell that she's been with his old military pal. Mellie knows this, too. She suggests to Fitz that they try to get Olivia back onboard to run their campaign, now that Josie's dropped out. Sounds like a plan. Elsewhere, Rowan sees that Maya has escaped from the hospital. She heads straight to her daughter. Olivia is paralyzed with shock when she turns to see her mother standing before her. "MOM!?!"

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  • (10/21) - Shooting wrapped. [20]


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