Vanessa Chandler
Portrayed by Jennifer Peo
Deceased Character
Character Information
Episode of Death: No Sun on the Horizon
Cause of Death: Assassinated by Jake
Occupation: White House Correspondent
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Jennifer Peo
First appearance: It's Handled
Final appearance: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Appearance Count: 5

Vanessa Chandler was a White House Correspondent who broke the story about Fitz having an affair with Olivia, thanks to Tom & Hal's big mouth, mostly Hal.


The character of Vanessa Chandler was a recurring character in the third season of the series; she made her debut appearance in the season premiere episode, It's Handled.


Vanessa Chandler cracked the story about Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant's affair (aka Olitz). It was later discovered that Fitz ordered Tom to leak Olivia's name to Vanessa.

Not to long after that she began having mysterious texting conversations with an anonymous inside source at the White House. Along with NSA Analyst Shelby Moss, US Attorney David Rosen and Press Secretary James Novak they continued to dig into the truth about B613.

Sadly Vanessa was assassinated by Jake Ballard along with Shelby Moss and James Novak to keep things quiet about B613. Jake spared David so he could have an inside man in the justice department. (No Sun on the Horizon)

Along with Shelby Moss Jake buried Vanessa in a deep grave in a forrest. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)