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Alright Scandal fans,

You must the complete the following for me, no questions asked. Trust me, it is in your best interest to create this incredibly delicious Scandal-themed menu for the season finale (of course, in a prompt and efficient manner). The recipes are top secret, so shred them immediately when you are done.

This French Onion dip is as white as Olivia Pope's white pant suit. Don't even dare to spill something on this dip- it must remain pristine throughout the party.
In honor of all of the red wine that Olivia consumes in Scandal, make this steak soaked in red wine.
HUSH! The theme of Scandal is to keep things on the down low, so hush and eat these Hush Puppies in silence. Also, these hush puppies are from the South in honor of Fitz and Mellie.
You really didn't think we would only have one red-wine related recipe in this party menu, did you? Of course not! These baked apples are roasted in the wine and sugar for about an hour.
Knock back one or two of these Scotch and Soda, in honor of Fitz Grant's favorite drink. If you can't handle your scotch, pop a bottle of red wine (sensing a theme here?).

There you go, IT'S HANDLED!

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