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Hi I'm Eric J.. I have been a long term leave of absence from this Wikia and I apologize for that. I will most likely not be retiring until after the series is over to do some final maintenance for the shows page. In the meantime please contact my fellow Admin ShireenAD.

I graduated from Cal-State Fullerton (in Southern California) with a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Services; with specialities in Crisis Counseling, Sexual Assault & Substance Abuse. Now to keep my brain active and to continue learning I'm studying Sociology at a community college in Southern California. One day I hope to apply to graduate school. I will go for a degree in College Counseling & Student Development. I want to be an Academic Counselor at a college or university one day.

Some people ask me what my user name means... Well when I first came to Wikia the first page I went to was the Twilight Saga page, at the time I didn't know there were other Wikia's like this one so I picked a username unique to that Wikia. Why Alice? While I consider myself more of a Team Edward fan, there are shirts out there that have Team Alice on them and she is one of my fave characters in the series.

I am an Administrator for the Scandal wiki page. I created and am an inactive Admin on the Madam Secretary wiki page.

I also contribute to other wikis: Major Crimes, The Good Wife and a few others!

Other than those listed above, I also currently follow:

Twilight SagaNCISThe Vampire DiariesCastleWarehouse 13
BonesPretty Little LiarsArrow • • and many more! •