Tom Larsen
Portrayed by Brian Letscher
5x16 - Tom Larsen
B-613 Character
Biographical Information
Full name: Thomas Larsen
Status: Alive
Past Occupations:
  • Secret Service Agent
  • B613 Operative
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark Blue
Past Relationships:
Character Information
First appearance: "Crash and Burn"
Final appearance: "Over A Cliff"
Appearance Count: 35

You don't have a Father. You have Command.

— Tom Larsen to Olivia Pope, Where the Sun Don't Shine

Tom Larsen was one of the secret service agents assigned to POTUS detail, protecting President Fitzgerald Grant III, along with Hal Rimbeau until he was accused of killing the president's son, Jerry Grant Jr. He was also a B613 agents who worked under Rowan and Jake.


The character of Tom is a minor supporting character for the series first appeared in the season one episode "Crash and Burn", portrayed by Brian Letscher.


Season One

Tom took President Fitzgerald Grant to Olivia's apartment when Fitz wanted to see Olivia about the Amanda Tanner scandal. (Crash and Burn

Season Two

Tom was the agent who informed Fitz about all the cameras in the White House and that every morning an agent goes through the footage and either archives or erases footage. He told Fitz this when he saw him making love to Olivia in the Oval office the night before. Tom warned Fitz that he wouldn't always be the one to check camera, that's when Fitz asked for his options... asking where there weren't cameras. (Happy Birthday, Mr. President)

He took President Fitzgerald Grant to Olivia's apartment when Mellie was threatening to go public about Fitz's extra martial affairs. (A Woman Scorned)

Season Three

In a shocking twist it is revealed that Tom is the B-613 inside man at The White House and around the same time his last name, "Larsen" is revealed. (We Do Not Touch the First Ladies)

Season Four

Season Five

Tom has been sleeping with Cyrus Beene. Cyrus makes Tom hold hostage Francisco Vargas in the Pennsylvania capital. (Wild Card)

Season Six



Cyrus Beene


Fitz Grant


As a secret service agent assigned to the President of the United States, he is very loyal to the president, Fitz Grant. Although it's not in his job description he lies for the president, withholds information for the president. Tom is also former Navy like President Grant. It is unknown if they served together; but what is known is that Tom knows Jake Ballard. Tom contacted Jake when Fitz wanted to put Olivia under surveillance.

Tom works alongside Hal Rimbeau and many other secret service agents who are assigned to protect the president. He was one of the agents that were with President Grant when he was shot, as well as shielding the President from any other gunshots and stayed with him at the hospital.


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