Theodore Peus was hired by Luna Vargas and worked with Samantha Ruland to make sure that Francisco Vargas did not win the Presidential Election 2018.


The character Theodore Peus is a recurring character of season six portrayed by David Warshofsky. The character was first seen in season six of Scandal in the episode "Extinction".


Theodore Peus and Samantha Ruland were behind the assassinations of Frankie Vargas. They blackmailed Rowan to assassinate Frankie Vargas on election night in order to make Mellie president. They also murdered Elizabeth North because she got in their way of taking over the White House and Mellie. It was later revealed that they both were hired by Luna Vargas.


When Mellie and Samantha were taken by Olivia and the team, he set nine bombs attached to drones, each one over a metropolitan area in the air space of nine different states to get Mellie and his associate Samantha Ruland back.

When Olivia won't give him Mellie and Samantha, he set off two bombs, one in Dallas and one in Philadelphia which killed approximately seventy people in order to alert Olivia that he will keep setting off bombs until she gives back the people he wants.

Fortunately, Peus's location was successfully tracked down and before he could set off the third one, he was shot in the head by Jake Ballard.


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