"The Price of Free and Fair Elections"
3x18 - Olivia Pope, Jake Ballard and Fitz Grant
Season Three
Season 03, Episode 18
Episode Information
Air Date: April 17, 2014
Viewers: 10.57 million
Written by: Shonda Rhimes & Mark Wilding
Directed by: Tom Verica
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Previous Episode: "Flesh and Blood"
Next Episode: "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia"

The Price of Free and Fair Elections is the eighteenth and final episode of the third season of Scandal, and is the forty-seventh overall.


Election Day has arrived and nothing is off limits as the candidates try to capture votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to understand Maya’s motives and Charlie makes a very surprising move.



TICK… TICK… TICK. The countdown is on. There are less than 14 minutes before a bomb detonates. TICK… TICK… TICK. Time is critical as Rowan is rushed into surgery. At the White House, Fitz is still safely tucked away rehearsing his eulogy. His opponent in the presidential election, Sally Langston, is at Senator Hightower’s funeral directly in harm’s way. TICK… TICK… TICK. Cyrus is struggling with his decision to not tell anyone about the bomb. He’s about to say something when Jake storms in. He briefs the President on the emergency. An evacuation of the church is initiated. TICK… TICK… TICK… BOOM!

Chaos engulfs the area surrounding the church. Dozens are wounded. Sally Langston is unscathed until Leo Bergen scuffs her up a bit. This is their moment. Sally embraces it by tending to the wounded as cameras roll. It’s compelling television. It’s so gripping that all the major networks bail on Fitz’s address to the nation to cover Sally’s heroic efforts on the front line. Olivia is furious. Then she’s defeated. She knows this is the end. Olivia tells Fitz that there’s no way he’s going to win the election. On the bright side, Rowan pulls through and tells his daughter that he loves her.

Once Fitz comes to terms with the notion of losing, he suggests to Olivia that they move to Vermont. She can make jam. He has no issue with divorcing Mellie until Olivia reveals his wife’s deep, dark secret. Big Jerry raped her. Fitz eventually comes to accept this. He goes to his wife. She assures him that the paternity test proved that Fitz is the father of their son. She also lets him know that she fought Big Jerry. None of that matters now. Fitz holds his wife close. Olivia later lets him know that he can’t leave Mellie as they both declare their love for each other.

As Fitz gives what he believes will be the last big speech of his life at a political rally, Olivia heads back into her father’s hospital room. Maya is waiting for her inside. She assures her daughter that she did what she did for her. She’s leaving now. Olivia won’t be able to stop her. Back at Fitz’s rally, his son Jerry starts wheezing. Blood trickles from his nose and mouth. Mellie screams for Fitz as their son collapses to the ground. He’s rushed to the hospital where he is pronounced dead from an attack of bacterial meningitis. Maya Pope is behind this. The president’s son was murdered.

Olivia is ashamed that the first thing she thought about after Jerry died was that they just won the election. She later catches her father having a conversation with Fitz. Rowan doesn’t like the president, but he knows what he would do if someone hurt his child. He vows to get vengeance for him. He vows to kill Maya Pope. Fitz gives him his blessing to do just that. Olivia is devastated to learn that her mother is the one who killed the president’s child. She asks her father if his past offer to put her on a plane to a new life is still on the table. Rowan is pleased.

Harrison convinces Adnan to spare his life so he can save her from Maya. He meets up with Abby at the office where the two of them catch Huck and Quinn doing it about 15 feet from where Rowan was stabbed. It’s a turn on for them. Charlie gives Quinn an envelope that he says will make it impossible for her and Huck to ever be happy together. The contents lead Huck to the family he always thought he had. They are real. Olivia says he needs to talk to them. Huck knocks on the front door. It takes a minute, but the woman he once loved realizes who it is that’s standing before her. The only word Huck can muster is a weak “hi.”

Rowan shows Harrison a picture of a dead Adnan Salif to convince him to help track down Maya, who is apprehended making a bank withdrawal. Rowan lets the president know that Maya Pope was taken away and killed. He then receives a visit from Harrison, who learns that Rowan is Command once more. Everything seems to have worked out great for him. Harrison realizes that Rowan is the one who killed the president’s son. He did it with the help of Secret Service/B613 man Tom, who enters the room pointing a gun at Harrison. Tom also killed Adnan, but Rowan didn’t kill Maya. She’s tucked away in the hole that once held both Huck and Jake.

Olivia lets Huck and Abby know that she’s done with OPA. Jake wants to go away with her. He asks her to save him. She doesn’t have to be alone. They can stand in the sun together. Jake gives David a parting gift—boxes of B613 files. A note reads “go get the bad guys.” In national news, Fitz wins the presidential election. His campaign staff is overjoyed. All Fitz can do, however, is fall to the floor of the Oval Office. He needs Olivia. Mellie makes the call for him. Liv hits decline button on her phone. She sits back in her seat with Jake by her side as their private plane takes off to a new life.

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Production Dates

  • (2/21) - The writers & Shonda Rhimes spent a late night in the writing room working on the finale episode. [2]
  • (2/25) - The writers continue to plot away on the episode.[3]
  • (3/06) - The writers began putting the storyline to a script.[4]
  • (3/07) - Scouting continues.[5]
  • (3/13) - Filming begins on the same day filming ends for Flesh and Blood.[6] On set today were Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins)[7] and Paul Adelstein (Leo Bergen).[8] Also on set was Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope), she had to break away from tweeting with fans to start working.[9]
  • (3/14) - Day 2... Guillermo Díaz (Huck) was on the OPA set late Friday night filming an intense scene.[10]
  • (3/19) - The boys... Tony Goldwyn (Fitz Grant) and Jeff Perry (Cyrus Beene) were on the West Wing set filming.[11]
  • (3/20) - Filming continued; cast & crew tried to live tweet for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang when they could spare a minute.[12]
  • (3/21) - Kerry's last day of filming.[13] Now off to maternity leave.
  • (3/24) - Filming today on location was so top secret that no Twitter pictures were aloud to be posted.[14]
  • (3/25) - Bellamy Young (Mellie Grant) was on set filming.[15] Also on set was Tony.[16]
  • (3/26) - Last day of filming in the Oval office for the season.[17] Katie was filming on location - outside.[18] Cast & crew were on location - outside - waiting for the sun to go down to finish shooting.[19]
  • (3/27) - Final night of shooting.[20] On the OPA set Darby Stanchfield (Abby Whelan) was filming.[21] Despite being done filming all of her scenes Kerry returned to the set for the final night of shooting.[22]



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