"The Other Woman"
Season Two
Season 02, Episode 02
Episode Information
Air Date: October 4, 2012
Viewers: 5.56 million
Written by: Heather Mitchell
Directed by: Stephen Cragg
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Previous Episode: "White Hat's Off"
Next Episode: "Hunting Season"

The Other Woman is the second episode of the second season of Scandal, and is the ninth overall.


Olivia has to deal with the ramifications of the court case's jaw dropping verdict, all the while Abby continues to press Olivia for answers and Quinn takes a trip down "bad" memory lane.

The firm represents the widow, Nancy Drake, of a very prominent pastor as well as the pastor's mistress, Anna Gordon. They work on striking a deal between the two woman all while planning the pastor's funeral.

Meanwhile, in The White House, Cyrus and Fitz deal with a foreign policy emergency and a a problem in the CIA.


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • The Lindsay Dwyer issue is still hot, and she decides to meet with her father.
  • Reverend Marvin Drake dies, leaving a legacy, along with a wife and children, a mistress and their child together, and a cover-up with terms that Olivia must convince both parties to accept.
  • When a sedated Mrs. Nancy Drake reveals to Mellie Grant that her husband had a mistress Mellie consoles Nancy and reassures her that she was his one true love while Olivia is eavesdropping.
  • Olivia helps Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton with a TV interview.
White House:
  • Proof of more genocide in East Sudan is spreading around the internet, so Fitz finally considers war, until Cyrus notices that the photo could be a fake.
US Attorney's Office:
  • David Rosen continues to investigate Quinn and Olivia, and Olivia must convince him to stop before she resorts to her "other means".


The episode begins with Olivia receiving a call from Fitz, while in bed. The two then discuss their love for each other. "I’ll speak to you tomorrow night," he says in the end and hangs up. Olivia then receives another call and gets ready to leave for work. Quinn who is staying with her, asks her as to how she managed to save her. She promises to give Quinn her answers, but also tells her it’s not in her best interests to have every piece of the puzzle right now. A pastor named Marvin Drakes is missing. He was a civil right leader and a gay rights activist. His wife tells Olivia "I know something has happened to him, I can feel it."

Later, Pastor Drake is found naked and dead on top of a handcuffed hooker, in a hotel room on a bed. Olivia tells her team that, Anna - the hooker - needs to stay quite about the whole thing. Olivia also promises the pastor's wife - Nancy - that, no one would ever know the circumstances under which the pastor's body was found. Olivia asks Huck "to take care of this." He gives her a long list of the things he needs, including bone saws, meat cleavers, body bags and towels. "I want you to move him not dispose of him" she tells Huck. He tells her in that case he just needs some sheets and ice. Huck then brings the pastor's body to his home and places him in his own bed, to make it look as if he has passed away in his sleep. "Thank you so much for bringing him home" the pastor's wife tells Olivia.


Olivia tells Nancy the pastor's wife, to dress up in a nightgown and then call 911, claiming that she woke up and found the pastor dead. Harrison gives Olivia a call and informs her that, Anna probably wasn't a hooker. Olivia concludes that, she was the pastor's mistress. Fitz at his office is shown a photograph of human genocide in Sudan, taken 3 days ago. Olivia and team find out that, Anna is a lawyer and an upstanding citizen. The pastor had a 15 year long relationship with Anna. Olivia concludes that Anna actually loved the pastor. Mellie tells Fitz that, Reverend Drake who was good friend of Fitz's, has died. Huck arrives at Olivia’s home to check up on Quinn.

Quinn isn't home. Quinn is shown meeting her father - Ray - at a diner. Anna tells Olivia, she needs $6 million to sign a non-disclosure agreement. "You have nowhere near 6 million worth of leverage" Olivia tells Anna. Anna then calls into the room a small boy named Vincent. "He is spitting image of his father" she says. Olivia later tells Nancy about Anna's demand. She reminds Nancy, how her husband's legacy will go down the drain if the news of him having a mistress becomes public. Olivia then negotiates a deal between Nancy and Anna, to which they both amicably agree. "Quinn's gone; she took a plane to Oakland" Huck tells Olivia.

Just then Harrison and Abby come in and inform Olivia that, the coroner would probably want to do an autopsy, which would mean they could all be in trouble. Abby and Harrison later have a chat with Lisa, the coroner, who tells them the order for the autopsy directly came from the US Attorney's office. Huck meets up with Quinn in Oakland and tells her "let’s go home" right after she confesses to him, how her father did not look at her the same way as before. Fitz finds out that the photograph of Sudan he was shown earlier was a fake, and was only released so America would attack Sudan. The director of CIA had something to do with it, so Fitz fires him. In the night over the phone, Olivia reveals to Fitz the truth about Pastor Drake.

Fitz on hearing about it is unable to control his laughter, and Olivia too joins in. "It's like hearing about your father's sex life" Fitz says. "She was his mistress, the woman in the handcuff" Olivia then tells him. "What do you want me to do Liv?" Fitz asks Olivia with a sigh. "Let me go" she tells Fitz. "Anything but that" Fitz says. She in frustration then yells out "I want you to shut down the autopsy for me; that is what I want." "Consider it handled" Fitz says, after a bit of introspection. Next day, Mellie arrives to pay her respects to Nancy. Nancy has taken a sedative and isn't very alert. Olivia discovers this and asks Nancy to simply say "thank you" in answer to whatever Mellie says.

Mellie begins expressing her condolence, with the media observing it. Nancy whispers to her "he had a mistress." It isn't quite caught by the media that is present, but Mellie immediately asks the media persons to clear the room. Mellie says she wants to pray together with Nancy in private. Olivia too leaves the room with everyone else. Nancy then tells Mellie "he was a cheating bastard." Mellie gives the sobbing Nancy a pep talk, and Olivia hears it from outside the door. She reminds Nancy that, Drake is the man she fell in love with and married, so she has to bury him. "You are his wife, right to the end" Mellie reminds Nancy. "Be his wife" she adds.

Back at the office, Olivia is informed that Anna wants more money and therefore won't sign the non-disclosure. David is outraged to find out that, the autopsy has been called off and confronts his boss - Pat Wexler - about it. "I just want to know how she did it?" he says to his boss. His boss tells him to calm down and take a vacation. "The department has decided that you need to take a leave of absence" Pat tells David. He tells David the decision has come from "from my boss's boss, my boss and me." Anna and Olivia on the other hand have a chat. She tells Anna that, she realizes Anna wants something more than the money. "I just thought we'd have more time" she tells Olivia.


She was also hoping, Vincent would get to know his father, and when the time came "we would have our chance to say goodbye." At the funeral Olivia tells Nancy "she hasn't signed, there is no deal." Anna basically wants to be at the funeral with her son. Nancy is outraged at the proposition, but Olivia talks her into it and also tells her it is probably the "last thing you will ever have to do." Later at the funeral, Nancy and Anna walk hand in hand along with Vincent. In the night, Fitz calls Olivia; she doesn’t know if she should pick up the call. Cyrus tells his partner James, he can't adopt a baby as he already has a baby and his name is Fitzgerald Grant.

He also describes how exhausting it is to take care of his "baby." "I don't have an extra space in my soul for another baby" he in the end tells James. James seems to understand Cyrus's issue and instead suggests that they fool around. Olivia on the other hand is shown talking to Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton who influenced the judge who ruled on Quinn's case. Verna is expressing her concern about how Quinn is innocent. Verna is worried Quinn's case might bring down the whole government. David is busy beginning to investigate as to how Olivia managed to pull of Quinn's acquittal. The episode ends at this point.


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