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The Decision

Air Date: April 13, 2017 — Writer: Johanna LeeDirector: Sharat Raju
Previous Episode: "Dead in the Water" — Next Episode: "Trojan Horse"

The Decision is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the hundredth overall. This episode is centered around an alternate reality.


With the ugly truth behind Frankie's assassination revealed, a torn Olivia wonders how different her life — and the country — would be if she, Mellie and Cyrus had never rigged Fitz's election.


Fitz, Jake, and Olivia are talking about how to get rid of Samantha Ruland and Theodore Peus. Jake says they should just do nothing because then Mellie Grant will become President. Fitz Grant is against it but Olivia says that enough is enough and that too many people have gotten hurt. Fitz says that he's going to do the right thing and get Cyrus Beene out of jail and into the Presidential seat. He leaves and Jake says life would be very different if Olivia hadn't rigged the election years ago. Olivia thinks back to that night and wonders what would've happened if she'd said no to rigging the election.

On Election Night in 2010, Fitz loses to Samuel Reston. Mellie is upset about it because it was Olivia who said no to Defiance. Olivia is leaving the hotel when Fitz confronts her asking if she was just going to leave. She says that she let him down. He says that she did everything that he could. Olivia says she's going to go back to Washington and help Marcus Walker pass a bill. Fitz tells her best of luck and she tells him good luck with Mellie. Olivia meets with Marcus and David Rosen about the bill.

Abby shows up and offers to help. Olivia has a date that night with Leo Bergen. But when she's leaving to go on that date Fitz shows up at her door. He tells her that he left Mellie and that he came here to ask her to marry him. Olivia doesn't say anything and lets the elevator doors close. However, a minute later they reopen and she says yes.

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Six months later, they get married. Cyrus spots Mellie snooping around. They go back to his house and have a drink. Mellie is upset and Cyrus offers her comfort. She kisses him. Huck walks Olivia down the aisle. Olivia and Fitz say their "I Dos." One year later, Fitz asks Olivia to play hookey. He tries to convince her to buy a house so that they have a place that is theirs and not just hers. Olivia heads to the office where David and Marcus are waiting. They turn on the tv and watch The Grant Report, which is Fitz's new job. Mellie and Cyrus had gotten married and are watching the same show together. Cyrus gets the idea that Mellie should run for President.

Fitz and Jake have a drink. Fitz complains that Olivia doesn't look at him the same way anymore. Jake asks if he's going to try again. Fitz changes the subject.

Huck is at Olivia's watching a show similar to the Bachelor. Huck is rooting for Quinn Perkins to get a tiara and stay on the show. Abby asks Olivia if Fitz is going to run again. Olivia says no. Olivia and Marcus go look at office space. Fitz is mad because she doesn't want to buy a house but she's willing to rent an office. Olivia thought he'd be happy for her. Marcus calls and tells her that they got an important meeting.

Cyrus comes home to Mellie meeting with a reporter who happens to be Cyrus's ex-lover. Cyrus asks Mellie to go grab their wedding album so that they can show it to James Novak. James accuses him of being in a sham of a marriage since Cyrus is gay. Cyrus says that Mellie and him are partners. He reveals that he needs one more shot at the White House and Mellie overhears him.

Marcus and Olivia go to the White House for an important meeting with the President. But it turns out that someone made a mistake and that the meeting wasn't supposed to even happen. They get turned away.

Olivia gets home and Fitz tells her that Mellie is running for president. Olivia tells him that it isn't always about him. They proceed to have a fight over Mellie and Olivia's aspirations. She almost reveals to him that she could've given him the oval office by rigging the election but decides against it. Fitz asks her if she's screwing Marcus because she hasn't been sleeping with him. She tells him about Defiance and how she said no. Fitz tells her that she should've done it. She says it would've destroyed them and he says but at least he would've been president. He leaves.

Five months later, Olivia and Fitz aren't talking. Cyrus wants to leak photos so that Mellie can be the only Republican candidate left standing. Mellie says no. Fitz interviews Quinn on his show. Olivia gets good news that the bill she's been working on is becoming a law. Abby shows up with divorce papers for Olivia.

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Quinn shows up at Fitz's dressing room. They proceed to make out and almost have sex but Fitz stops it from getting too far. Mellie gets mad at Cyrus because he leaked the photos. Cyrus says that it's their campaign. She says that if she had known he was gay and he says that she did know. That she can't leave because she can't politically survive another divorce especially to a gay man. He tells her he'll see her later and that they should order in.

Mellie goes to see Olivia. She tells Olivia that she was right about Defiance. That it would've destroyed Fitz and she hates her even more for being right. Fitz is free with Olivia but Mellie is trapped in a loveless marriage. Fitz decides he doesn't want to do his show anymore and walks offset.

He goes home where Olivia is waiting. He tells her that he owes her an apology. That he lost the election because he didn't want it. That he didn't think he'd want anything until he met Olivia. That saying no to Defiance was the right choice. He says that he has to do a lot a work to become the man she deserves. That he still wants her if she'll still have him. She gives him a folder. Inside is a flyer for a townhouse that's on sale. She says it will be theirs.

Olivia comes back from her daydream and goes to see Fitz. She tells him that she's in and that she'll help him with Cyrus.


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  • The table read for this episode took place on February 13, 2017.

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Scandal 6x10 Promo "The Decision" (HD) Season 6 Episode 10 Promo - 100th Episode

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Scandal 6x10 Sneak Peek "The Decision" (HD) Season 6 Episode 10 Sneak Peek - 100th Episode

Scandal 6x10 Sneak Peek "The Decision" (HD) Season 6 Episode 10 Sneak Peek - 100th Episode

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