Sully St. James
Portrayed by Wes Brown
OPA Client
Biographical Information
Full name: Sullivan St. James
Status: Alive
  • Sully
Current Occupation/s:
  • Marine Lieutenant Colonel
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Current Relationship:
  • John Latimer (boyfriend)
  • Paige Sullivan † (best friend)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Wes Brown
Appears in: Sweet Baby

Sullivan "Sully" St. James is a war hero; a Ret Marine LT Col. who did two tours in Iraq. He is the first living marine awarded the Medal of Honor for action. He comes from a family with a long line of soldiers.


Sully returned home after being injured while saving the lives of his entire unit. Since then, Sully has become a huge public figure. He is the poster boy for the military and the deacon of his church, and is even being considered to run for Congress one day.

At one point, Sully realized he was gay and got into a secret relationship with John Latimer. He confided in Paige Montgomery, his best friend and his beard.

When Paige is killed, Sully becomes the prime suspect, so he goes to Olivia Pope & Associates for help. When they get visual proof of Sully being with his boyfriend at the time of Paige's death, Sully initially refuses to let them use it to save his reputation and turns himself in. Later however, after more convincing from Olivia, he finally gives them John's name. He later holds a press conference while dressed in full military uniform and admits to the world that he is proud to be a gay man who served his country.


  • He is a republican.
  • He was named "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2010.