"Something Borrowed"
7x07 - Olivia Pope 01
Season Seven
Season 07, Episode 7
Episode Information
Air Date: November 16, 2017
Viewers: 4.97 million
Written by: Mark Fish
Directed by: Sharat Raju
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Vampires and Bloodsuckers"
Next Episode: "Robin"

Something Borrowed is the seventh episode and mid-season finale of the seventh season of Scandal, and is the hundred-and-thirteenth overall.


The first half of the epic final season ends with shocking revelations and jaw-dropping events that will leave everyone reeling.



The episode opens showing Quinn taking the elevator to OPA in her wedding dress. It cuts to someone stopping the elevator power and getting into the elevator with her. They proceed to knock her out.

In his office, Charlie is seen looking through a book of an unidentified dead woman looking to see if any of them are Quinn. Huck tells him that they're going to find her alive. Abby comes in and tells them that they've found another body. Charlie leaves to investigate.

Mellie is giving an interview about the upcoming treaty signing with Olivia advising.

Inside the B613 headquarters, Jake and Olivia have no leads on finding Quinn. Olivia tells Jake that she wants everyone on this.

Marcus and Fitz are watching Mellie on tv. Marcus says that they could use Mellie to help with criminal justice reform. Fitz says if they want their agenda pushed they have to do it themselves.

Olivia arrives at home and finds Charlie waiting for her. He says he can't look at another dead pregnant woman. Charlie tells Olivia that he needs someone to tell him that she's dead so he can move on. Olivia tells him that for all they know they could have her back tomorrow.

Charlies goes to see the body of the dead pregnant woman. Abby and Huck are waiting for him. Charlie tells them that it wasn't Quinn.

Abby goes to talk to Cyrus. Cyrus tells her that Fenton Glackland has promised not to press charges against Charlie.

Jake and Cyrus talk as they walk down the hall. Cyrus tells him that he wasn't able to find anything that linked Fenton to the death of President Rashad.

Jake goes to see Olivia. Jake asks her how she is doing. She says the team has moved on to finding Quinn at morgues and hospitals. Olivia gets a call from her father, Eli Pope.

She goes to see him at a restaurant where he tells her that he has Quinn. He says that she is the key to her downfall and his key to freedom. She must give him his freedom and he'll give her Quinn. Olivia says that he doesn't make decisions. That he must stay put and wait to be told what to do. He tells her that he isn't bluffing. Olivia tells him to never waste her time like this again. Jake says that they should raid his house. Olivia is deadset that Eli will return Quinn to her.

Mellie is visited by Marcus. He talks to her about criminal justice reform and how he wants her to work with Fitz's institute. Mellie asks why he is here and he says that he's here because the only reason she'd turn down doing this is to spite Fitz. Mellie says that he's being condescending and asks him to leave.

David gives Abby a list of every missing person. Eli gets a visit from Jake. Jake tells him that this game needs to end. He warns him that he's not going to win this. Eli says that he's ready for her. Olivia gets mad at Jake for going to see him. Jake says that she needs to stop pretending that Eli isn't capable of killing Quinn. He tells her that she needs to decide what she's doing because time is almost up.

Curtis Pryce gets a visit from Lucy, Olivia's secretary. Olivia goes to visit her mother. Maya asks why she's visiting. Olivia says that Eli took Quinn and that he refuses to let her go. Maya asks what she's going to do about it. Olivia says she doesn't know and asks for Maya's help. Maya asks what Quinn has on her since if she didn't have anything she would've traded for her by now. Maya says that Olivia is just here to get Mama's permission. That if Quinn dies, all her problems will be solved. She suggests that she let the clock run out and she do nothing.

Jake gets a call from Olivia's assistant who has killed Curtis. Olivia lies in bed having an anxiety attack. Cyrus goes to see Mellie but runs into Jake. Cyrus is watching the news about Curtis. David Rosen goes to see Abby but she's mad that he rejected her earlier.

David says he wasn't rejecting her that he's just scared that she'll end up dead. Abby says that they all take risks and so far those risks have paid off. Fitz meets with Mellie. Mellie says she wants to talk to him about criminal justice reform.

Jake visits Olivia at her apartment. He tells her about Curtis but she says she doesn't need to know the details. She offers him a glass of wine and he says sure. Olivia says that she's tired of the game because it never ends. Jake asks if she's decided what she's going to do. Olivia says that she can't let Quinn die. Jake tells her to just give Eli back his bones but Olivia says that this is about power. Jake says to kill Eli. That she doesn't get to have it all. He asks her if she's Command or is she not. She tells him to get out.

Olivia is seen waiting for Mellie. Mellie thanks her for seeing the big picture when she couldn't. She tells Olivia that she is a champion and that this is only the beginning. That nothing and no one will stand in their way.

Jake tells Olivia that time is up and that Eli is summoning her. He asks what decision she has come to.

Olivia goes to see Eli. He pulls a gun on her and asks her to choose one: Quinn's life or his freedom. She tells him that he should kill her because she is the snake and that a bullet in her head is his only chance at freedom. She tells him to pull the trigger but he doesn't. She tells him that she's won. She tells him he has twenty minutes to live and that if he folds now she'll pretend that this never happened. She tells him that he made her in his own image and that she is just as he made her. She says that he needs to make a choice. That he has sixty seconds to decide. Eli turns and goes downstairs. Shots can be heard as Eli kills Quinn. Olivia freaks out but quickly gets herself back under control. Eli returns and asks if she wants to see the body.


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  • Ayumi Iizuka as Medical Examiner
  • Michael Chubb as Guard


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  • The table read for this episode took place on October 6, 2017.
  • Filming for this episode started on October 11, 2017 and wrapped on October 20, 2017.


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