Samuel Reston
Portrayed by Tom Amandes
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Blue-Green
Residence: Maryland
Current Occupation/s:
  • United States Senator from Maryland
  • Reston
  • Governor Reston
Current Relationship:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Tom Amandes
First appearance: All Roads Lead to Fitz
Final appearance: No Sun on the Horizon
Appearance Count: 6
Samuel Reston is a United States Senator from Maryland. He once ran for President against Fitzgerald Grant III in the 2008 U.S. elections and almost won if not for the Defiances Conspirators: Hollis Doyle, Verna Thornton, Mellie Grant, Cyrus Beene, and Olivia Pope


The character of Samuel Reston was a minor supporting character who first appeared in Season Two of the series and made a return in Season Three. He was elected Governor of Maryland in 2006 and re-elected in 2010.


Season Two

Governor Reston lost the election again to Fitz Grant in 2008 because Olivia Pope launched an attack ad that said the governor was "soft on crime", and 2012 having re-matched Incumbent President Fitzgerald Grant lll and independent candidate Vice President Sally langston . He lost 4,359 votes to Fitz in the 2008 election. He has been bothered by it ever since and was unable to completely move on from the loss. He has also been collecting guns since then.

Governor Reston becomes a client for Olivia Pope & Associates when he ends up killing their contractor after he sees him on top of his wife, Joan, being led to believe that he was raping her. When he finds out, he is shocked but does not wish to have his wife sent to prison, so he decides on not making the truth go public. When David Rosen returns to office as Assistant US Attorney, though, the truth is revealed and his wife turns herself in to save him.

It is then revealed that he had known all along through a private investigator he had hired and that he had in fact planned on killing Bill. When Olivia discovers this through the pictures of Bill and his wife on his desk, she confronts him about it. He confesses to it and even tells her that he had originally planned on killing himself, after Bill, in front of his wife that night, as well, but when his wife cried rape, he saw the opportunity for a better plan: staging the murder as an accident and getting a second shot at a better political career. Knowing full well that Olivia cannot convict him since he is her client and it would also affect her, he gets away with it happily. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

Reston visits the President Grant confronting him about voter fraud and what happened in Defiance. Billy Chambers revealed the truth to him. Reston gives Grant 24 hours to agree to put him on the next elections ticket as his VP, calling it a unity ticket or else he'd reveal the truth to the press and to the feds. All of this is quashed once Billy is arrested. (White Hat's Back On)

Season Three

Reston returns for the Democratic presidential debate going up against Congresswoman Josephine Marcus. Armed with ammunition provided by Cyrus Beene he attacks Josie head on with the information about her pregnancy at the age of fifteen. But with Olivia Pope against him, Josie crushes him and becomes the most loved out of the candidates and is nominated in September 2012. (More Cattle, Less Bull) Reston was later forced to drop out of the race due to his wife, Joan revealing he was the murder of Bill Meyer. It's likely he was also removed from the governorship by the Maryland General Assembly.

Season Seven

Reston was later elected to the United States Senate in the 2016 elections and was seen chairing a major Senate Subcommittee on B613.





Olivia Pope

Samuel called in Olivia when he killed his contactor, Bill, since he thought he was raping his wife. Despite that, he hired a private investigator and had planned to kill Bill, and them himself, but after his wife called rape, he saw that he could just kill him, as it would be seen as a justified killing, giving him another shot at a political career. Olivia couldn't turn him in because he was her client and it would bring her down as well, so Sam got away with it.