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Season Seven
Season 07, Episode 08
Episode Information
Air Date: January 18, 2018
Viewers: 5.17 million
Written by: Juan Carlos Fernandez
Directed by: Daryn Okada
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Previous Episode: "Something Borrowed"
Next Episode: "Good People"

Robin is the eighth episode and mid-season premiere of the seventh season of Scandal, and is the hundred-and-fourteenth overall.


On the midseason premiere, the fallout from Rowan’s desperate act affects all of Quinn’s loved ones, including a guilt-ridden Olivia.



Eli drives out to a lot where he sets his car on fire. In the trunk of the car is a dead body.

David reports the incident to OPA and tells them that the body was confirmed to be Quinn. Charlie asks about the baby but David shakes his head. He says that they were going to name the baby Robin. Mellie arrives at QPA and expresses her sympathies to the group. Olivia says she'll head back with her to the White House but Mellie tells her to take all the time that she needs.

Cyrus needs to know what time Fenton Glackland will be arriving. He asks an assistant to find the name of the chef from a restaurant that he ate at.

Charlie, Abby, Marcus, and Olivia search for a casket for Quinn but Charlie says that nothing is for Quinn. He says that Quinn would rather have had her ashes put into bullets because she died a warrior and she'd like to go out like one. Charlie asks Olivia to write a eulogy. She agrees. Olivia is leaving when Huck brings up about the hairpin. She asks if Quinn ever mentioned it but Olivia lies and says no.

Cyrus invites Fenton to lunch but when he goes to kiss him Fenton Glackland turns his head. He tells Cyrus that it's over. Huck is seen talking to Quinn about the wedding and how beautiful it would've been. He promises her that he's going to find who did this to her.

Jake delivers Eli's bones back to him. He asks if it was worth it. Eli says that there are no winners here. Olivia is trying to write the eulogy when Fitz arrives at her door. He asks who she is and she says she's great. She asks why he's here and he says it's because she is his friend. She says she doesn't want him as a friend. She takes the bottle he brought her and slams the door.

Cyrus goes to talk to Jake. He brings up Fenton and tells him about the breakup. He wants to know if Jake had anything to do with the breakup. Jake says that he had nothing to do with it.

Abby goes home and finds Huck waiting for her. He tells her about the hairpin and how Olivia lied about the hairpin. He thinks that Olivia did a bad thing. Abby says that he's crazy and asks why would Olivia do that. Huck says because she killed Rashad. Abby says that he needs to go home.

Huck goes to see Fitz and tells him about the terrible things she's done. Fitz tells Huck that he's already tried with Olivia but she wants nothing to do with him. Huck says he thinks there is something wrong with her too. Fitz agrees that she isn't the same person she was.

Cyrus goes to visit Fenton at work. Fenton tells him that he did research on Charlie and he learned that Charlie used to work with Cyrus. Cyrus says that that was a long time ago but Fenton says he doesn't believe him. Cyrus asks him to admit that he's no better than him. Fenton says that if he thought someone was trying to buy him he wouldn't have allowed it. Olivia sits at her computer trying to write. Huck stares at her red toolbox. Instead, he decides to go to an AA meeting.

Abby is holding the ashes of Quinn when David walks in. She says she never liked cremation because it was so final. He's there to take her home. Abby tells him about how she'd like her funeral to be. Huck goes back to the office when he hears a noise. He goes to look and finds Olivia picking up the pieces of broken glass. She thought coming here would help her write Quinn's eulogy but it didn't. She's drunk and wearing the white hat she found. She says that they were supposed to protect Quinn.

Charlie is seen making bullets out of Quinn's ashes. Abby and Huck help him. Olivia and Jake drive to where the funeral is going to be held. Olivia says a few words about Quinn's loss. They each go down the line and shoot a bullet into the ground for Quinn.

Abby, David, Marcus and Huck head back to OPA. Marcus brings out a bottle for them to drink and reminisce. Cyrus is seen in his office looking at his painting. Huck asks Abby when she called Olivia and she says an hour ago. Huck wonders where she is.

Olivia goes to visit Fitz. Fitz asks if she wants to talk. She says no and hugs him. He asks what she needs. He kisses her and they proceed to have sex.

David is heading to his car when he spots Charlie in his car. He knocks on the window. He asks if he's alright and Charlie says he doesn't know where to go. He says he doesn't want to go home because of all the baby stuff. David takes Abby to take down a baby pen and they find a USB hidden inside it.

Charlie goes to see Eli and tells him that he wants back in. He wants to be the guy he used to be before Quinn again. Eli tells him to go home and think about. As Charlie turns to leave, he hears a baby crying. He pushes past Eli and runs upstairs to find the baby girl. Charlie asks whose baby that is and when Eli doesn't answer he starts to choke him.


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  • The table read for this episode took place on October 17, 2017.
  • The episode was produced as the ninth episode of the season, but aired as the eighth instead.


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