"Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia"
4x01 - Cyrus Beene and Elizabeth North 02
Season Four
Season 04, Episode 01
Episode Information
Air Date: September 25, 2014
Viewers: 12.18 million
Written by: Shonda Rhimes
Directed by: Tom Verica
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Previous Episode: "The Price of Free and Fair Election"
Next Episode: "The State of the Union"

Don’t open it. It’s Pandora’s Box. You open that bad things fly out. The sun goes down.

Jake to Olivia

Randy, Red, Super freak and Julia is the first episode of the fourth season of Scandal, and is the forty-eighth overall.


Nearly two months after Olivia and Jake boarded a private jet to stand in the sun together, everything has changed. With another four years in the White House, Fitz and Cyrus are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie struggles to cope with the loss of her son and the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia’s absence.


Olivia Pope & Associates
  • Quinn tracks down Olivia
  • Olivia plans Harrison's funeral
  • A senator seeks Olivia's assistance when she thinks she's killed a fellow senator after he tried to rape her
  • Olivia has to decide whether to stay and be gladiator or go back to paradise with Jake
White House
  • Fitz has fired 12 out of 15 members of his cabinet
  • Cyrus deals with the dissatisfied NRC Chairwoman, Elizabeth North (aka Lizzie Bear)
  • Cyrus is furious that Abby didn’t tell him Olivia is back in town
  • Mellie is still dealing with the loss of Jerry in a grungy way
  • Fitz takes Mellie to visit Jerry at the cemetery
  • Cyrus offers David the chance to be a part of something amazing
  • The White House is trying to push an Equal Opportunity bill through
US Attorney's Office
  • Jake goes to David for the B613 files he gave him


4x01 - Olivia (Beach)

Olivia Pope is relaxing on a tropical beach. A bestseller and a beverage rest on the table that's between two lounge chairs. Jake Ballard steps up beside her. Then he’s atop her. They have about 15 minutes before the supply boat arrives. They make the most of that time. When the boat does arrive, there’s letter addressed to Julia Baker, a lady who was once known as Olivia Pope. Inside the mystery envelope is a newspaper clipping. Olivia (aka Julia) is shaken by this. She lets Jake know that her former co-gladiator, Harrison Wright, is dead.

Olivia and Jake return to Washington, DC. The OPA offices haven't been used in months, but there are signs that someone has been searching for them. It was Quinn. She fills Olivia in on all the others. Huck is working as a computer store tech expert who clues in customers on any seedy info he uncovers. Abby is the White House press secretary. She's handling questions about Fitz 2.0. That's what the press is dubbing the president as he embarks on a quest to get equal pay between men and women. Mellie, who rarely feels the need to even get dressed anymore, encourages her hubby to fight the power. Olivia meets with Abby about planning Harrison's funeral. No arrangements are made however. There's just a lot of yelling. Liv later meets up with her father. Rowan has a glass of wine waiting for her when she arrives at his favorite restaurant. He denies having anything to do with Harrison's murder. He admits that he took care of her mother upon direct orders from the president. Olivia takes a beat. Then she lets her father know that everyone did the right thing.

4x01 - Cyrus and Fitz 01

Cyrus is ticked when he learns that Abby met with Olivia. He considers her a political problem. Cyrus lets his boss know that Olivia is back in town. RING! Could that be the Fitz Phone! Jake doesn't want Olivia to answer it. He'd much rather talk about the fact that Gettysburger now has a rib sandwich. It has pickles and secret sauce. It's called the Underground Railroad. Olivia doesn't answer the phone, but she does get the front door. The person calling her isn't the president. It's Senator Stephanie Vaughn. She has a problem. She tells Olivia that she thinks she just killed Senator Benjamin Sterling. Senator Sterling fell from a second floor balcony after Senator Vaughn fought off his advances. Olivia realizes the dead guy isn't actually dead. His finger is moving. Olivia orders Senator Vaughn's assistant, Kate, to get her boss out of there. She anonymously calls an ambulance and contacts a lawyer named Clark to take Senator Vaughn's case. She's on the case, too. Quinn is helping. As for Jake, he's ticked. He saw this coming the moment they got back in town... back in "his" town. Speaking of Fitz, he wants to know if Olivia is staying. Cyrus knows the two of them getting together is inevitable. They've all seen this movie before.

4x01 - Harrison's Funeral 01

Olivia is now officially ready to get out of town again, but not before attending Harrison's Funeral. Olivia knows that Senator Vaughn is lying about being sexually assaulted. She wants the truth about what happened that night. With a little help from Quinn, Liv realizes that Kate was the real victim. The senator set her up in order to get his fair pay vote. She knew Sterling's type, so she dangled her assistant in front of him. funeral. Jake watches in the background as Abby, Quinn and Huck join Liv to say goodbye to their fellow gladiator. They are all he had in this world. Olivia falls into the arms of Jake, who happens to see Papa Pope observing everything from afar. David is asked by Jake for the location of all those scary B613 files he stole. He's later asked by Cyrus if he'd like to be the next Attorney General. Even though David's obsession with getting justice killed their relationship, Abby encourages him to accept the job offer. It's a way for him to do good from the inside. News of David becoming Attorney General angers the RNC Chairwoman who he calls Lizzie Bear, much to her chagrin.

4x01 - Cyrus Beene and Elizabeth North 06

Olivia contacts Huck. She asks about his family. Huck doesn't want to talk to her unless she is back for good. He wants to continue living his life as Randy, the computer nerd. Huck has hope. Randy does not. Huck sees Olivia on the news stating that she's representing Kate Warner. A short time later, he's in the OPA offices returning the phone Liv broke just so she could to talk to him. After the press conference, Olivia walked through the halls of the Capitol Building. Many others were there as well. But when she walked past the President of the United States, it's as if they were the only two people in the room.

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The whole you don’t work here anymore is going right out the window, and the beach is getting very far away! Should we talk about this?  

  Jake Ballard to Olivia Pope

We both know it's not my turn anymore. We both know we're not standing in the sun anymore. We both know you’re standing in the shade of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and it’s his turn. As long as we're back it's always his turn.  

  Jake Ballard to Olivia Pope

You really want to pretend we all don’t know how this movie ends. It’s not going to be a surprise sir… It’s rather predictable. Really she’s Olivia, your Fitz and at a certain point in time the two of you are going to find yourself together in the same room… the anticipation – relentless! Isn’t it? We all know what happens next. We’ve seen this movie a hundred times!  

  Cyrus to Fitz Grant about Olivia's return.

Long Speeches & Rants

Then you really won’t like mine. You’re lying senator! You are lying about all of it. I hate to accuse a woman who saws she’s been sexually assaulted of lying -- I really do! I’d fight to the death to stand by any woman who says she was assaulted. Women don’t lie about that! There is overwhelming evidence that women do not lie about being sexually assaulted… but you are! And I know you are because when that happens, when a man grabs you, puts his hands on you, you do not forget it, you remember every single detail, every touch! So I’m gonna give you a moment and when I come back I want to hear the truth about that night.  

  Olivia to Senator Vaughn about her accusation of rape against Senator Sterling.

I didn’t know that they offered you Attorney General they didn’t tell me, I’m not on the inside. But if they had, and they should have, if they had I would’ve said that David Rosen is a good and honest man who will uphold the constitution. I would’ve said that David Rosen loves the law; he loves justice apparently more than he loves me! (interrupted by David, “Abby”) NO! You were so obsessed with those stupid B613 files. (interrupted by David, “I was doing important work.”) Liv was gone and my world was on fire, and you were color-coding and making charts. You were nowhere. You killed us and you know it! You want to blow up the world, release those secret files. You wanna change the world? You want to fix the world? Become the chief lawyer of the United States of America and its citizens, David. Get on the inside, get yourself some power… AND USE IT!  

  Abby Whelan to David Rosen about his nomination for Attorney General.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Table Read for this episode was on Thursday, July 24, 2014.
  • Each name or adjective in the title of this episode refers the remaining four core characters.
  • Randy is the name Huck has taken up as a computer technician.
  • Red is a nickname Cyrus calls Abby Whelan, obviously because of her red hair.
  • Superfreak is how Abby refers to Quinn Perkins and how she's changed.
  • Julia is the alias Olivia chose while living on the island.
  • The name "Julia Baker", which Olivia Pope uses as her alias on the island, is a reference to Diahann Carroll's character on the American sitcom Julia. The show was the first television series on American television to star an African-American woman in a non-stereotypical role which opened the door for other African-American women to play realistic, leading roles on television.
  • Although credited, Gustavo Adolfo Caraballo made an appearance but all his dialogue was cut.
  • The episode picks up two months after the previous episode, The Price of Free and Fair Election.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Portia de Rossi as Elizabeth North.
  • The scenes where Olivia and Jake were on an island were filmed on an actual island in the Bahamas. [2]
  • According to Kerry Washington, she flew to the Bahamas on a Disney's private plane with only a few crew and Scott Foley who portrays Jake Ballard.
  • This episode scored 12.18 million viewers in total which makes it the most viewed episode of the series.


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Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia are Olivia Pope & Associates new alias'.

4x01 OPA - Randy, Red Superfreak and Julia

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'Scandal' Teaser Where on Earth Is Olivia Pope?

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