Queen Isabel of Caledonia
Portrayed by Dearbhla Molloy
5x01 - Queen Isabel 01
Character Information
Full name: Queen Isabel of Caledonia
Status: Dethroned by Prince Richard
Gender: Female
Residence: Caledonia
  • Queen of Caledonia
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Dearbhla Molloy
First appearance: "Heavy is the Head"
Appearance Count: 1

Queen Isabel of Caledonia is mother of Prince Richard and Mother-in-Law to Princess Emily of Caledonia


Season Five

Fitz Grant throws a dinner party; Prince Richard of Caledonia has married an American—Princess Emily.

Her Majesty Queen Isabel of Caledonia is invited primarily so that Fitz can win her over, in order to build a naval base on her home turf. After the dinner party Princess Emily is killed in a car crash.

Olivia Pope & Associates discover that Queen Isabel had Princess Emily killed because she was having an affair (and a baby) with her bodyguard; Queen Isabel would not let Emily bring shame to her family. Upon learning of his mother's crimes, Prince Richard pressures her to abdicate.


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