Pat Wexler
Portrayed by Sam McMurray
Pat wexler-square
Law Character
Character Information
Occupation: Deputy U.S. Attorney
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Sam McMurray
First appearance: The Other Woman
Final appearance: Nobody Like Babies
Appearance Count: 4

The department has decided you need to take a leave of absence and that decision comes from my bosses, bosses, my boss and me!

— Pat to David Rosen, The Other Woman

Pat Wexler was the Deputy U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and was David Rosen's former boss as well as Assistant US Attorney Jane Powell.


The character of Pat Wexler was a recurring character for the second season of the series.


After David Rosen lost the "big" Lindsay Dwyer trial he let that loss take over his work and set out on a personal vendetta against Olivia Pope using all his resources at the US Attorney's office. Not to long after the loss and with a little push from The White House Pat was forced cancel the autopsy on Pastor Marvin Drake, an order that was sent in by David Rosen. Pat and his bosses felt that David needed time to deal with the big loss, so Pat told David he had to take a forced "leave of absence." (The Other Woman)

Pat then assigned Assistant US Attorney Jane Powell to all of David's cases as well as re-assigning David's assistant, Alissa, to Jane, much to Alissa's dismay. (Hunting Season)

After Jane screws up a huge case involving a Governor - Governor Samuel Reston - Pat calls David back into the US Attorney's office offering him his job back so long as he drops his obsession with Olivia Pope. However unbeknownst to David and Pat this order came from Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton, one of the members of the Defiance conspiracy group. David returns and fixes what Jane's problem. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

Pat assigns David to the "big leagues" when President Fitzgerald Grant's assumed assassin - Huck - is taken into custody and tortured. David goes to his boss telling him he believes they're going too far with the interrogations and torturing that's when Pat advises him this is what the big leagues is like. But David doesn't like so unbeknownst to his boss David goes to Olivia to tell her what's going on with one of her gladiators. (One For the Dog)

Once David finally gathers enough evidence for Pat and their boss - Attorney General Susan Sawyer - to believe him about the Cytron (aka Defiance) scandal he the go to a grand jury trial to get an indinctment. But after James Novak lies on the stand to protect his marriage once again David looses his job, but his time... permanently! Pat does not put him on a "leave of absences," he FIRES him! (Nobody Likes Babies)