"Over A Cliff"
7x18 - Olivia Pope 01
Season Seven
Season 07, Episode 18
Episode Information
Air Date: April 19, 2018
Viewers: 5.46 million
Written by: Shonda Rhimes
Directed by: Tom Verica
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Previous Episode: "Standing in the Sun"
Next Episode: "N/A"

Over A Cliff is the eighteenth and final episode of the seventh season and the series finale of Scandal. It is the hundred-and-twenty-fourth episode overall.


With the existence of B613 exposed to the world, the Gladiators make the ultimate sacrifice in order to take down Cyrus and Jake – but how far will they go to get justice?


White House

  • Olivia, Fitz, Mellie, and QPA testified to B-613 with Hollis, Tom Larsen and Command Rowan Pope


Olivia goes to see Lonnie Mencken. He tells her he isn't going to investigate but that he can get her a Senate hearing. He says he'll do this only if she promises that the Grant administration will focus more on gun control. Olivia agrees. He pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head.

Sally announces Lonnie's death to the world. Cyrus goes to see Jake and tells him to have kill folders on all of those on the special committee. He's upset because David Rosen has been brought back into the game.

David tells the QPA team that they're going to be questioned by the special committee. David says that what they say will screw over Jake and Cyrus. Huck asks if they're screwed too because they are admitting to some really bad things.

Olivia meets with her father and tells that she's the one who exposed B613. She asks for his help but instead he hands her an envelope. It contains the deed to his house and access to an offshore account. He tells her that he's leaving. He says that he can't watch her enslave herself.

Mellie is looking at her portrait when Marcus arrives. She talks about how she's going to be impeached and that everyone is just going to remember her as the first lady. She tells him that she was afraid to just be here with him. He steps towards her and they kiss.

QPA talks about all the things that they're going to miss if they go to jail. Quinn says that she is going to miss Robin's first steps, Abby says that David is going to move on and find someone else, and Huck is afraid of talking in front of fifteen people. The cars arrive and take them to the committee.

They question everyone about B613. Afterward, they wait at Olivia's while David waits to hear from the committee. David asks if they have any questions and Olivia says that they have a favor to ask. They get David to let them visit Charlie. Quinn asks him to marry her because it might be the last time they get a chance. Huck leads the ceremony. They learn that Charlie's real name is Bernard. They exchange vows and the two of them kiss.

David is talking on the phone with Abby when he gets visit from Jake. Jake threatens him but David doesn't back down. David tells Jake that he isn't his bitch but the bitch of the United States of America. David tells him to go ahead and shoot him. Jake points the gun at him and David tells him he could try wearing the white hat and do the right thing. Jake doesn't shoot him as David grabs his stuff to leave. He tells Jake that he can shoot him in the back if he really wants. David starts to walk and when he looks back Jake's gone.

Cyrus goes see Jake is his office. He asks Jake if he has payed David a visit. Jake says yes but that he's going home. Cyrus says that if they don't get rid of him that they're done. Jake tells him not to question him because he's never killed anyone. He leaves.

David and Abby cuddle in bed. David tells her that he'll never leave her and wait for her for as long as she's in prison. David gets a text from Cyrus who says that he wants to deal. David goes to Cyrus's house where he wrote up a confession. He offers David a drink which he has poisoned. David falls to the ground and Cyrus grabs a pillow and holds it over his face. He kills David and then calls for help.

Abby, Quinn, Huck, and Olivia visit his body at the morgue. Quinn starts to freak out about how the one good guy is dead and that the bad guys won. Abby tells her to stop it and that they can't do that right now. Right now they have to do something and not cry. Huck says he'll take care of it but Olivia says no more bloodshed. They are the white hats now.

Quinn goes to see Eli. She asks him to relocate them but he says that he's retired and responsible only to him. Quinn says that she's a parent and she can't retire. Eli wishes her the best of luck. Quinn gathers up Robin and leaves.

Olivia and Fitz share a drink. Olivia says that they've lost and that Mellie is going to be impeached. Olivia asks why she thought she could fix everything. Fitz tells her that she's not thinking clearly. Olivia says she didn't fix anything she just made it worse. Fitz tells her that she did the right thing. Olivia apologizes for ruining his legacy but Fitz says that he followed her willingly. Olivia say that that's the problem. She's the problem. She tells him to stop and that this is probably the very last time that they'll ever be in the same room together. She says that they can keep talking or do something else. She tells him to pick one. He then choose option 'B' and tells her to take off her clothes.

Olivia wakes up the next day to find Fitz on the phone. They learn that the committee has postponed coming to a decision because they have a new witness. It turns out to be Eli. He tells them that he created B613 because of them. Because they were neglecting the United States. He tells them that they need to give the public someone responsible but that it doesn't have to be him. The committee puts the blame on Jake and the good guys win because everything they said in court has been redacted. Abby starts to cry because the good guy, David, is dead.

Olivia goes to see Jake in prison. He asks why she's here. Olivia says that she wanted to show up for him one last time. She says that if she could've just let him go who would he be now. She apologizes for making him step out of the sun. He says don't be sorry because he loved her and for a little while he was someone good. Olivia tells him that everyone did horrible things and she's sorry because he is the only one who has to go to prison. Jake says that prison is nothing and he thanks Olivia for showing up for him. She tells him goodbye.

Mellie isn't impeached. Olivia meets with Cyrus in the oval office. She tells him to sign a resignation letter. Cyrus asks if she can still enjoy a drink and he says she probably can. He gets up and signs the resignation letter.

Mellie and Olivia talk on the balcony. Mellie asks how do they restore the publics faith in them. Olivia tells her that she's sure that she'll figure something out. Mellie says they can do it together but Olivia says no. That she's tired of fixing things. Olivia tells Mellie that she can do it alone and that she's going to be great. Mellie asks what she's going to do instead. Olivia says whatever she wants.

In the final montage, Charlie gets released from prison and is greeted by Quinn and Robin. Fitz reveals his portrait. Mellie signs a bill for gun control. Marcus is still by her side and wearing a senate pin. Jake is in a supermax prison. He pictures his time on the island with Olivia in his head and smiles. Olivia has dinner with Eli. They are talking and laughing. Abby visits David's grave with Huck. Fitz meets Olivia while she's walking away from the White House. Two little girls see Olivia's portrait in National Portrait Gallery.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Johnny Todd as Guard
  • Harper Rhimes as Girl #1
  • Jada Turner as Girl #2


Long Speeches & Rants

Notes & Trivia

  • The table read for this episode took place on March 2, 2018.
  • Filming for this episode began on March 2, 2018 and ended on March 17, 2018.
  • Some of the scenes in this episode were shot on location in Washington, D.C., where the show is set.
  • The very last scene filmed for the episode (and the series) was the scene where Olivia, Quinn, Huck, Abby and David are talking about admitting to bad things in the QPA conference room and it was filmed at 3 in the morning according to Darby.
  • Joe Morton, who played Rowan got an applause from the crew after he finished the Rowan testifying scene.
  • Shonda Rhimes said the final montage of the series is supposed to be ambiguous and that she wanted the fans to interpret it in their own ways. She also stated that she is the only one who knows the definite answers to.
  • Shonda's daughter, Harper, played one of the two girls at the very end of the episode.
  • Quinn and Charlie, who have been engaged since season six premiere finally got married in this episode.
  • The last song of the episode is named "Future Sunny Days", which is written by Stevie Wonder exclusively for Scandal.
  • The cast did a live table read of this episode at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles after the episode has aired in east coast.
  • In the original script, there is a scene at the end of the episode where Huck shows up at Cyrus' place with the red toolbox. The scene was cut from the episode but read at the live table read.


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