Morris Elcott
Portrayed by Troy Winbush
White House Character
Character Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark
Occupation: White House Security Guard
Front Gate
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Troy Winbush
First appearance: Dirty Little Secrets
Latest appearance: Mama Said Knock You Out
Appearance Count: 4

You did it again Ms. Pope

— Morris to Olivia Pope, Grant: For the People

Morris Elcott is the security guard stationed at The White House main gate entrance, checking people in and handing out security badges.


The character of Morris Elcott is a minor recurring character who appeared in the first, second and third seasons of the series.


Morris and Olivia often converse when she enters The White House.

Morris has to take back Olivia's White House security badge, denying her entrance into The White House, upon Cyrus Beene's orders. Billy Chambers tells Morris to let her through. And later when she returns to The White House she gets her badge back, a call came down from the oval office informing him to return it to her. (Dirty Little Secrets)

In the midst of a crisis at The White House Morris is happy to see Olivia come through and not just because she has sweets for him but because he knows she can "fix" any problem by calling in the big guns. After the crisis is resolved he congratulates Olivia on her fine work as she returns her security badge for good this time. (Grant: For the People)