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Girl, you need to move on, you’re just like him.

— Maya to Olivia src

Maya Lewis is the wife of Eli Pope and the mother of Olivia Pope.

Early Life

Marie Wallace was born in East London, to parents both linked to the Marxist liberation front. When she was 16, she fell off the grid, and began popping up all over the world under many different aliases. To her contacts overseas, Maya continued to use the name Marie Wallace. She made money by selling government secrets. In 1972, she went to the United States, under the name Maya Lewis, where she soon met Eli Pope, from whom she then began stealing C.I.A. classified documents, among others, for anti-American groups. Eventually, she married Eli and had Olivia.

Apparently, Maya, with enough knowledge about B613, was planning on returning to London, when Eli found out about her. She was taken off her plane, under the name Omar Dresden, and questioned. She told Eli that the plane she was on, which had just taken off, had a bomb on it. In a panicked move, Eli had Fitz Grant shoot down the plane, killing 329 innocent people, realizing too late that Maya lied about there being a bomb. Eli then imprisoned Maya. For 22 years, the world and Olivia was led to believe that she was dead.

Season Two

Huck came across some interesting information about the flight Maya was on when she died. At the time he was working with Jake Ballard and they put two and two together, concluding that it was a conspiracy. They took this information to Olivia who was then left stunned. It was discovered that President Fitzgerald Grant was flying a navy plane nearby when the plane went down. The conclusion Huck & Jake came to was that the pilot shot down the passenger aircraft purposely. Fitz has neither confirmed nor denied all of this to Olivia; under the National Security Act. Olivia was twelve-years-old when she died. A trauma that still stays with her to the present day. (More Cattle, Less Bull / Icarus)

Season Three

As Rowan is about to move her to another prison because their daughter - Olivia - is asking too many questions about Maya's death; she demands that she get to see Olivia before she is moved. When she realizes Rowan is not going to let her see her daughter she bites her own wrist so she can get out of her cell and into the infirmary, from there she knocks a doctor out with the very sedative he was going to inject her with so she could travel. Maya escapes the prison and surprises her daughter by showing up at her apartment. (Everything's Coming Up Mellie / Vermont is for Lovers, Too)

After stopping by Olivia's apartment, Olivia and her team try to find a place for her to hide. They decide to send her to Hong Kong. As the plane is taxiing away, Olivia has a flashback to her childhood where she remembers a phone call asking for "Marie", the name on the no fly list. Olivia realizes her mother is Marie, and her father hadn't fabricated the list of crimes on the no fly list. (YOLO)

Maya never made it to Hong Kong, she killed the flight crew and returned to D.C. Aware that Olivia, OPA and the government are looking for her she stays in hiding. But she couldn't resist to call her daughter. Maya tells Olivia everything will be alright and tosses her burner phone as she walks past 1600 Pennsylvania Ave... The White House. After President Grant's donor dinner with his new running mate, Governor Andrew Nichols Maya is waiting in a hotel room when Adnan Salif walks in the room. It appears Maya is working with Adnan. In the Fluffer it is revealed that Maya is plotting to kill the president by planting a bomb at a Senator's funeral. We also find out that Maya only truly ever loved Dominic Bell. Maya get's captured by Eli.

Season Four

After Olivia's abduction, Jake, Huck, Quinn and David contact Maya in prison, because they need an access code to the Dark Net Auction Olivia is being sold on. She helps them in exchange for a flat screen TV in her prison cell. She contacts a former terrorist lover, who, after making Huck kill a few of his enemies, gives them access to the auction. Olivia visits Maya in prison after her father has the Grand Jury for the B613-Case killed. She wants advice on how to win against Rowan, since Maya played him for almost 20 years. Against her expectations, Olivia hears from Maya that Rowan's one weakness is that no one knows about B613, not even the head of the CIA. After that plan fails, Cyrus Beene contacts her, and they negotiate a deal, in which she goes free if she denies every proof that B613 ever existed.

Season Six

Season Seven

Eli Pope

Dominic Bell


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