Portrayed by Kate McGregor-Stewart
White House Character
Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Green
Occupation: White House Staffer
(Assistant to Cyrus Beene)
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Kate McGregor-Stewart
First appearance: Enemy of the State
Latest appearance: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Appearance Count: 6

You don't listen. You just talk over me, I never get to finish my... (interrupted by Cyrus)

— Mary to a ranting Cyrus, All Roads Lead to Fitz

Mary is a White House Staffer, more specifically the Personal Secretary to White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene's.


The character of Mary is a minor recurring character for the series; she has appeared in seasons: one, two and three so far.


Mary is the personal secretary to Cyrus Beene. Every time Mary tries to tell Cyrus something he doesn't hear it at first it takes her at least three times to get through to him and have him hear what she's saying. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

Mary cares for Cyrus in more than just a professional way. When Cyrus was kicked out of his office, when "Acting President" Sally Langston took over the Oval Office, Mary still came to Cyrus' home to set him up for some meetings and brief him on what was going on in The White House. (Blown Away)

After First Lady Mellie Grant goes on air about her husbands affair, Mary reminds Cyrus that he's gotten through worse, trying to cheer up his spirits. As she left she made sure that one of the other secretaries would check in on him. (A Woman Scorned)

Little is known about her personal life, but she has a granddaughter who plays piano; Mary never misses a recital. (A Woman Scorned)



Season One:
Enemy of the State
Season Two:
Beltway Unbuckled
All Roads Lead to Fitz
Blown Away
Season Three:
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Season Four:
Season Five:
Season Six:
Season Seven: