Portrayed by Erin Chambers
White House Character
Character Information
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Occupation: VP's Chief of Staff
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Erin Chambers
First appearance: It's Handled
Latest appearance: More Cattle, Less Bull
Last mentioned: Everything's Coming Up Mellie
Appearance Count: 2

She's gonna get the questions, all the questions!

— Mara to Cyrus, It's Handled

Mara was Vice President Sally Langston's Chief of staff and Billy Chambers' successor.


The character of Mara was a minor recurring character for the third season, it is unknown whether or not she will return in the current season, Season Four.


Mara presumably took over for Billy Chambers not too long after he resigned as Vice President Langston's chief of staff and disappeared. (Grant: For the People)

Mara was first seen right after Olivia Pope's name was leaked as President Grant's mistress. Cyrus and Fitz called Sally into the Oval where they asked her to take over all of the President's public appearances. Mara was not happy about this and wants to meet with Cyrus in person to talk about this. (It's Handled)

Mara was working with Leo Bergen to help get the vice president elected as the first female president. (More Cattle, Less Bull)

Now that Sally is no longer Vice President and has been succeeded by Andrew Nichols it is unknown whether or not Mara is working for him as his Chief of Staff.