I don't know what to...

— Lauren confused to Olivia & Fitz, Ride, Sally, Ride

Lauren Wellman worked as one of the assistants of the former President Fitz Grant. She worked together with Louise.


The character of Lauren Wellman is a recurring character for the series, she made her debut - on camera - appearance in the second season. Prior to that she was mentioned once in season one.


Lauren manages the president’s schedule and stays late in the office anytime President Grant stays late. Lauren is constantly hounded by the First Lady, Mellie Grant, to know exactly what Fitz's schedule is and at times Mellie has Lauren change Fitz's schedule without his approval. Part of her job is to keep Cyrus and Mellie from going into the Oval office when President Grant doesn't want either of them to come in.

Cyrus constantly reminds Lauren that he hired her and he can fire her. He uses that authority to make Lauren do things she doesn't feel comfortable doing.



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