Kimberly Mitchell
Portrayed by Wendy Davis
Press Character
Character Information
Occupation: Broadcast Journalist
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Wendy Davis
First appearance: White Hat's Off
Latest appearance: One For the Dog
Appearance Count: 5

Kimberly "Kim" Mitchell is America's reporter. She is the equivalent to Barbara Walters or Meredith Viera on the ABC series Scandal.


The character of Kimberly Mitchell was a recurring character in the second season of the series.


She is the first reporter/journalist to interview the President and the First Lady after the birth of son Jerry Grant. (White Hat's Off) A few weeks later she interviews one of Olivia Pope's clients, Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton. (The Other Woman)

Kimberly mediates an interview between Democratic Senator Edison Davis and Republican Senator Karen Gilbert on her show, "Battleground". (Hunting Season)

Olivia convinces Kimberly to interview Janet & Peter Nystrom about the death of their daughter. After their story died down in the media Olivia calls upon Kimberly once more but she doesn't understand why Olivia called her away from a more important interview she had lined up until First Lady Mellie Grant walks out in front of The White House where the Nystrom's and their followers are picketing against President Grant's decision to protect their daughter's killer. (Beltway Unbuckled)

After Mellie forges Fitz's signature requesting reinstatement Kimberly interviews the First Lady asking about how her husband is doing now that he is awake... unaware that Fitz is still in a coma. (One For the Dog)

Kimberly seems to have a past with Olivia Pope.