Portrayed by Jasika Nicole
4x15 - Kim (Official)
Other Character
Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Residence: Washington D.C.
Past Relationships:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Jasika Nicole
First appearance: "Seven Fifty-Two"
Latest appearance: "The Testimony of Diego Muñoz"
Appearance Count: 5

Kim is Huck's wife and Javi's mother.


The character of Kim is supporting character who made her debut appearance in the famous season two episode Seven Fifty-Two, she returned at the end of season three and has been in season four to continue the Huck storyline.


Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

She works at a library where she reads books to little kids. When she became pregnant and told Huck she was concerned he didn’t want the child by his expression. But was happy when he said he did want the baby. They got married and bought a house.

Charlie paid a visit to meet her and that's when Kim learned that Huck had a secret, but not what the secret was. After that, she never saw him again.

About ten years later she was getting off the metro in Washington D.C. with her son, Javi, and Huck was at that station when he saw them at 7:52 am. Javi asked Kim for a dollar so he could give it to "the man" – Huck. She hasn’t seen Huck in over ten years.

Now in present day Huck has found Kim and wants to desperately get to know his son, but she won't let him meet Javi. She tricked Huck into believing that he'd get to meet Javi but surprised him with a therapist that he attacked.

Unbeknownst to Kim, Javi managed to track down his own father through an MMORPG. (Baby Made a Mess)




She was married to Huck. 10 years later, when Huck resurfaced in her life and asked to meet their son, she refused initially. She later relented but after Javi saw Huck kill somebody, she contradicted that and didn't allow him to see Javi again.


She used to work at a library, where she read books to children.


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