The Jimmy Kimmel is a late night TV Show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles, California.


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Jimmy Kimmel Live! has regular catch ups with the cast of Scandal, for the show itself and also Movie projects.Jimmy Kimmel is huge fan of 'Scandal'.

Season Four

Susan Ross' Laugh

4x15 Susan Ross on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After some intense prep work, Fitz introduces Senator Susan Ross, his nominee to be the next Vice President of the United States. Things get off to a fine start. Susan is following the script flawlessly. Then the enormity of the situation catches up with her and she has a mini-meltdown involving a snort-filled laugh. All Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus and Abby can do is force smiles as this train wreck unfolds before their eyes.

The White House calls in Leo Bergen to help, he advises more laughing; A short time later, Susan is making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Leo is working his PR magic while enjoying his daily bickering with Abby. She’s digging it, too. Of course, all that excitement fades away when Leo pushes too hard. Susan has enough. She quits. A short time after that, Abby fires Leo. Abby turns to Olivia to save the day. It could be just what she needs. Olivia gives Susan a pep talk. The confirmation hearing is on. Susan aces all the questions thrown at her, but still may not have the votes they need. {"The Testimony of Diego Muñoz")

Season Five

Mellie Reads Mean Tweets

5x16 - Mellie Mean Tweets

Marcus Walker takes Mellie Grant to Los Angeles so she can be perceived as likeable on Jimmy Kimmel Live! That means reading Mean Tweets about herself. Mellie whines about doing this. Marcus goes off on her. He lets her know that this is exactly why people don’t like her, himself included. He later reads her some Mean Tweets about himself to prove a point. He wants Mellie to show the world that she can laugh at herself. So she reads some Mean Tweets, and everyone has a good laugh. ("The Miseducation of Susan Ross")