Jesse Tyler
Portrayed by Adam Shapiro
Deceased Character
Character Information
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Hair color: Curly Black
Episode of Death: Truth or Consequences
Cause of Death: Blown-Up by Becky
Residence: San Jose, California
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Adam Shapiro
Appears in: Truth or Consequences

I am being calm Mr. Doyle. No I don’t think a million was enough. Because you’re making 2 billion off of this deal, that’s 2 billion more than you would’ve have made if these guys weren’t in power. (pause) I want another 5 million or I’m gonna start calling reporters.

— Jesse arguing with Hollis Doyle over the phone,
Truth or Consequences

Jesse Tyler was a computer programmer for Cytron and Lindsay Dwyer's boyfriend.


Jesse is the Cytron employee that leaked information to a reporter named Richard about the vote rigging initiated by Hollis Doyle. (Happy Birthday, Mr. President)

Because of Jesse's blackmail, Hollis hires Becky to "take care of the situation". Becky sends a package to Jesse's office at Cytron that sets off an explosion, killing him and six other employees and implicating Lindsay, now Quinn, who had just sent him threatening messages after cheating on her, as the prime suspect. However, it was Becky who was the one who set Lindsay up as a "patsy", she sent the text message to Jesse's phone making it look like it came from Jesse's co-worker Elaine; and she also put the package (which held the explosive) in Lindsay's name.


In real life, Adam Shapiro who plays Jesse Tyler is married to Katie Lowes who plays Quinn Perkins aka Lindsay Dwyer.



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