Portrayed by Samantha Sloyan
Jeannine ep301 001
White House Character
Character Information
Full name: Jeannine Locke
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Green
Residence: Washington, D.C.
Occupation: Unemployed
  • "Sassy Staffer"
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Samantha Sloyan
First appearance: "The Trail"
Final appearance: "The Fluffer"
Appearance Count: 8

I think that Governor Grant has the election in the bag. I mean he really cares about the middle class his record on social issues really resonates with young people. And most importantly he is freakin’ hot!

— Jeannine on video from over 3 years-ago,
It's Handled

Jeanine Locke was a White House staffer; who worked in the communications department at the White House.


The character of Jeannine Locke was a series recurring character; she made her debut in the first season but her character got more screen time in the second season and returned in the third season for her final three episodes.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

A short time after the death of Press Secretary Britta Kagen Jeannine fills in for some of the work Britta would be doing. We first see her working with the press at the beginning of the third season. As she is giving the press instructions about the interview Mellie and Fitz were about to do in regards to Olivia's name being outed as the President's mistress a video of her drunk comes on the TV and she is saying how hot she thinks Fitz his. She feels humiliated and ashamed, but Cyrus - lying through his teeth - assures her that she is still part of The White House family and he will take care of everything. She eventually realizes she needs help from an old friend and becomes a client of Olivia Pope & Associates. (It's Handled)


Jeannine started off in the Grant campaign as a "sassy staffer". Once Fitz was elected Olivia Pope hired her to be one of her staffers in the Communications department. Since Olivia's departure she has remained in the communications department using some of the techniques Olivia taught her along with some new ones she and many other communications an strategic staffers have learned from Cyrus. She works alongside Patrick and many other staffers as well as with Lauren Wellman and Louise. With no Communications Director or Press Secretary Jeannine reports to Cyrus Beene, White House Chief of Staff.