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I’m still wired from the interview. That Daniel Douglas … (scoffs) got him to go deep.

— James to Cyrus, YOLO

James Novak was the husband of Cyrus Beene until his death.


The character of James Novak was a supporting character throughout the series; starting with a minor storyline in the first season, progressing to a major storyline in the second season and third season, where his character met his untimely end.


Season One

Season Two

Because Cyrus hadn't held up his end of the bargain - giving James a baby - James decided to go back to work. His old boss at The DC Times offered him his old job; James became the "Chief White House Correspondent for The DC Times. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

When Cyrus learned that James was getting too close to learning the truth about Defiance with the assistance of David Rosen he procured a baby girl for James in order to get him to stop working. James gave David the Cytron memory card, knowing it was no longer safe at his place and quit his job. (One For the Dog)

After David had finally piled up enough evidence to start a "official" trial about Defiance he subpoenaed James to testify in a federal grand jury hearing about what he found in Defiance. Knowing what the consequence could be if James told the truth he lied on the stand to protect his husband. This in turn cost David his job. (Nobody Likes Babies)

James not working and staying at home with the baby lasted for almost a year until BNC offered James a job as an on-air live Field Reporter; with his first assignment being a one-on-one interview with the First Lady Mellie Grant, the interview where Mellie revealed that her husband - the president of the united states - was having an affair. (A Woman Scorned)

James later learned that Mellie got him the job and personally requested him for the interview to not only hurt Fitz but Cyrus as well. James devastated didn't want to believe what Cyrus was telling him but finally he realized it all made sense. (Any Questions?)

Season Three

A few months later James lost his job after Mellie did an interview to better her image with another reporter, Carla Steele. He blames Cyrus for this. (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)

Cyrus set up James on an interview assignment with Daniel Douglas. The plan was to get the vice president's husband to flirt at his unsuspecting interviewer in order to blackmail Sally Langston, who was out of town. Mellie dropped hints that Cyrus and James had an open marriage. After James striked out the first day of the interview, Cyrus gives him some tips, tips that he knew would lead everything in the right direction. So at the VP's residences Daniel makes his move on James, who realizes this whole thing was a set up. (Vermont is for Lovers, Too)

Season Four


James's death was staged as a carjacking, but B-613 Command Jake Ballard executed James for knowing too much about the death of Daniel Douglas Langston. (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)



Cyrus Beene

James met Cyrus he was a reporter following the Grant campaign. At the time Cyrus wasn't ready to come out of the closet, though after getting into the The White House, Cyrus proposed to James promising him a house, a garden and a baby. (Happy Birthday, Mr. President)

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Daniel Douglas Langston


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