Congressman Jacob Shaw
Portrayed by Jackson Hurst
OPA Client
Biographical Information
Full name: Jacob Louis Shaw
Age: 32
Status: Alive
Current Occupation/s:
  • Congressman, Rhode Island
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Chocolate Brown
Eye color: Green
Past Relationships:
  • Jennifer Price
Character Information
Portrayed by: Jackson Hurst
Appears in: White Hat's Off
Appearance Count: 1

On this desk!

— Shaw to Olivia Pope, White Hat's Off

Jacob Shaw is a first term congressman from "the great state of Rhode Island." He's trying to make a name for himself on the hill, but he's a little to pretty for the party elite to take him seriously.


He became a client of Olivia Pope & Associates after having sexual relations in his office on his desk with Jennifer Price, a Junior Partner at Frey and Kimble, a woman he met at a fundraiser at the Smithsonian. Huck discovers that one of the D.C. gossip websites, a right-wing blog called "Capital Spill" bought equipment needed to launch something big... a sex tape!

Before "Capital Spill" can release the tape Olivia decides to release it instead so they can control the narrative. Jokes are made in the press but with the help of OPA he makes it through it all focusing on the issues he wants to talk about. To smooth things over he even makes an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show.