"Inside the Bubble"
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Season Four
Season 04, Episode 03
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Air Date: October 9, 2014
Viewers: 9.52 million
Written by: Matt Byrne
Directed by: Randy Zisk
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Previous Episode: "The State of the Union"
Next Episode: "Like Father, Like Daughter"

Inside the Bubble is the third episode of the fourth season of Scandal, and is the fiftieth episode overall.


An old friend returns for help after her daughter goes missing, Cyrus has an awkward run in during a business breakfast, and Jake uses his connections to get some answers. Meanwhile, Mellie becomes obsessed with a national news story and David goes to great lengths to prove himself.


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Katherine Winslow, an old friend from Olivia's law school days, calls when her 17-year-old stepdaughter, Caitlin, goes missing after a little spat. The girl's father, the high-end lawyer who has the family living well, is out of the country. Katherine doesn't want to worry him with what's happened. Olivia assures her friend that they'll find Caitlin, and they do. Katherine heads off to talk to her stepdaughter at the hotel where she's been staying. She thanks Olivia for her help. Huck cracks a corrupted file on Caitlin's laptop. It contains a sex tape of Katherine and her stepdaughter's boyfriend. Caitlin was threatening to tell her dad. That's never going to happen now. Caitlin is dead. She was shot twice in the chest. Olivia slams Katherine up against a wall. She thinks she may have killed her. Caitlin's father is devastated when he arrives home. Abby is upset that Olivia isn't helping their friend more. Liv eventually decides to give Katherine the benefit of the doubt regarding the murder of her stepdaughter. Amateur video footage shows a woman who may or may not have pushed her husband off a mountaintop to his death. The press is dubbing the recently-widowed newlywed the "Killer Cliff Bride." Mellie becomes obsessed with the story. Fitz tells Abby to give the First Lady whatever than she wants. So Mellie flies in a park ranger from Yosemite to meet with some of the country's top cabinet members in the White House.

The president stops in just as the park ranger from Yosemite confirms that the First Lady's belief that the husband fell by accident is justified. Mellie finds only some solace in this. Abby shuffles her out of the room before things get more awkward. Later, she meets with Fitz, who thanks her for what she's done with his wife and finally learns her real first name. Abby then gives the president what he really wants out of their meeting. She lets him know how Olivia is doing. Lizzie assures Dale that she'll get the swing vote needed to stop the president's gun legislation from getting pushed through. Fitz is counting on his new Attorney General to get that vote for him. Cyrus can see by the smile on David's face that he's happy to be inside the bubble. Unfortunately, the judge who is the deciding vote doesn't decide in favor of the president. David digs into those big, bad B613 files to win the swing vote with blackmail. He's later the recipient of a celebratory toast smack-dab in the middle of the Oval Office. A short time later, David is stunned to learn that the judge he threatened committed suicide.

Olivia stops by to see her father, who explains to her that everything is different now that she's back. Everything is colder. Olivia admits that she's adjusting. Rowan invites his daughter over for dinner. Jake can come, too. That's not going to happen. Jake has other things going on like bashing Charlie's head into a candy machine. Too many sweets aren't good for you. Neither is a sharp knife cutting into your body. That kind of torture won't be necessary with Charlie. He only wants one thing to talk. He wants Quinn. Quinn quickly obliterates any notion Charlie may have had about her wanting him with a nifty leg sweep and a swell chokehold. The deal was that the two of them have to spend the night together in order for Jake to get the information he desires. They do just that with a brief make out session taking place just before time is up. When Quinn returns to the OPA offices, she's crushed to learn that no one even knew or cared that she was MIA. Huck assures her that it won’t happen again.

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Jake lets Liv know that he actually will join her for some Command cuisine at Rowan's place. His change of heart comes after he finds video footage of Secret Service man/covert B613 operative Tom putting his hands on the president's son just before he died. Dinner conversation is awkward until Olivia leaves the room. Then Jake reveals what he knows to Rowan. He orders him to get out of Washington ASAP before he spills the news to Liv. Rowan issues a counter-threat. It's ugly. On the bright side, dinner was tasty. Cyrus sees Michael, the pro gigolo he almost slept with, at a restaurant bar waiting for friends. He’s surprised to learn the guy is a business student. Days of flirtatious talk and meetings ensue. Cyrus finally caves and sleeps with Michael for his going rate plus gratuity. A short time later, Michael reports to Lizzie Bear that he finally reeled in their prey. Huck finds another video. It shows Caitlin at her father's law firm. Someone is trying to wrestle a folder away from her as she enters an elevator. The person she struggles with could be her killer. That's not what the police are thinking. Katherine Winslow has been arrested for murder.

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