Henry Ian Cusick born April 17, 1967 in Trujillo, Peru - is an Emmy-nominated Scottish-Peruvian actor (best known for the role of Desmond Hume on ABC's Lost) portrayed Stephen Finch on Scandal in Season One and in a guest role return in Season Four.

Background & Personal Life

Henry Ian Cusick was born in Peru to a Peruvian mother and Scottish father. His family lived in Trujillo for two years before traveling back to Europe to live in Spain and Scotland. Soon afterward, they moved to Trinidad and Tobago, where Cusick lived until he was fifteen years old, attending Presentation College. At fifteen, Cusick returned to Scotland, where he attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow and then joined the Citizens' Theatre after being asked to leave the academy due to attendance issues.

After fourteen years of cohabitation, Cusick married Annie Wood in June 2006, with whom he has three children: Elias, Lucas and Esau.

In April 2009, Cusick was accused of harassment and sexual battery by Chelsea Stone, a former employee of ABC. Stone claimed that Cusick groped her and made inappropriate sounds and gestures in October 2007 while on the Lost set. ABC and Grass Skirt Productions were also named as defendants because Stone alleged they did nothing to keep her away from Cusick after she complained. Stone, who is seeking unspecified damages, was fired on October 28, 2007. [1]

In October 2009 Cusick, ABC and Grass Skirt Productions agreed to pay Chelsea Stone a settlement, and refused to give a statement about what happened.[2]


Cusick traveled with many theatre troups, performing many plays, such as the title role in The Picture of Dorian Grey. He later began taking roles in film and television, including a recurring role in both The Book Group and Casualty. He then portrayed Jesus in the 2003 The Gospel of John. He played Theo Stoller on the fifth season of 24 and played Udre Belicoff in the film adaptation of the popular video game Hitman. Most recently he played Charles Darwin in the TV movie Darwin's Darkest Hour.

On Lost

While staying with famous actor Brian Cox, a personal friend, Cusick met Carlton Cuse, an executive producer and writer on the show, who was Brian Cox's neighbor. Later, he auditioned for the part of Desmond in London, sending in his audition tape to LA. After Cusick accepted the role, Cuse saw that scripts were being sent to an address next door to his. It was then that Cuse remembered meeting Cusick in Cox's driveway several months earlier. Cusick, after three guest starring episodes during season two, became a series regular at the beginning of the third season. Cusick was nominated for "Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series" at the 2006 Emmys for his performance as Desmond in the episode Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1.

Henry has made appearances in a variety of television shows. He made recurring roles on Fringe as Simon Foster, The Mentalist as Tommy Volker and Body of Proof as Dr. Trent Marsh. And has had some guest appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2013) and Hawaii Five-O (2013). In 2014 Henry signed on to be a series regular on The CW's newest sci-fi drama The 100 as Councillor Marcus Kane.


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