Head Games

Head Games

Air Date: May 11, 2017 — Writer: Chris Van Dusen & Juan Carlos FernandezDirector: Zetna Fuentes
Previous Episode: "The Box" — Next Episode: "Tick Tock"

Head Games is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the hundred-and-fourth overall.


While outgoing President Fitz considers his legacy, the Gladiators question what’s next for OPA, and Jake finally discovers the motivation behind Peus’s and the Mystery Woman’s reign of terror.


Marcus holds a press conference to tell the public that the drones have been dismantled. David goes to see Rowan who is leaving. David asks what happened to Samantha and was wondering what her real name was. Rowan says that it might be time to move on. David says that if he knew what it felt like to be used he'd understand. Rowan tells him that he may have something that could help.

Olivia tells Fitz that he needs to talk to Abby. Either he lets her back in or she needs to go. Olivia takes the petitions with her when she leaves. Abby and Fitz go over Fitz's schedule. Fitz tells her to take the rest of the day and work from home. She says that he is holding what she did against her.

Charlie, Quinn, and Huck are eating lunch. Charlie says that Olivia is leaving. Quinn says that that isn't gonna happen because OPA isn't OPA without Olivia. Olivia arrives and tells them that they have a case. They have to sort through the petitions and find one for Fitz to pardon.

David goes to visit Abby. He tells her that he needs to put something in the freezer or fridge. She asks what it is but he doesn't say. So she grabs the box and looks inside. Inside is the head of Samantha Ruland. Abby asks where he got it and he says that Eli gave it to him. David tells her that he wants to know who she really is. She tells him to put the box in the fridge.

Marcus and Fitz are talking about Fitz's final speech in the oval office. They get into a disagreement over Rosemead and Marcus leaves. OPA decides to take the case of Shawn Campbell, a wrongfully imprisoned man. Olivia is distracted by her duties to the white house and doesn't listen to Quinn breakdown of the case.

Jake arrives at Abby's and takes a sample from Samantha's head in order to get a DNA match. Abby says that this is wrong but Jake says that she doesn't have the write to dictate what is right or wrong. Mellie and Olivia go over candidates to add to Mellie's presidential cabinet.

Mellie nominates Marcus for the communications director. Mellie assures Olivia that Marcus and her are over. Quinn, Huck, and Charlie try to figure out what to do with the case. They decide to go visit one of Shawn's accusers. They arrive at the bar where Donny Logan works. Donnie tells them that if Shaun had known his place there wouldn't have been any trouble. Huck accuses Donny for killing Bobby. Donny says it doesn't matter because Shaun is in jail for the crime. Donny tells them to leave but before they go Huck hits his head against the bar because Donny called him a wetback.

Olivia has dinner with Eli and asks what the plan is now that he's free. He plans to go fishing, reading, traveling, etc. He says that he needs to leave because the one rule of having power is no family. That family is a distraction and will lead to failure. Olivia says that she isn't him. He tells her that she has the oval. Olivia asks for him to come back so that they can do Sunday dinners. He says this is goodbye. He gets up and leaves.

David sleeps over at Abby's apartment. He hovers outside her bedroom and tells her that he can't sleep downstairs near the head. Abby lets him share the bed with her but puts a barrier between them. David says that he thought he was a good person but he believes that he gave it away. Abby tells him that she never thought she was a good person but she never knew that she could be an evil one.

Quinn is waiting in Olivia's office to tell her about the case. Quinn says that they are running out of time to get the pardon to the President. Olivia says that they don't have any proof but Quinn believes in her gut that Shawn is innocent. Olivia says that she isn't going to take the case to the president. Quinn asks her when she stopped gladiating and if any of it matters to her anymore. Olivia tells her she isn't risking the reputation of the firm without hard proof. She tells her to shut this case down. Quinn and Charlie go to see Shawn to tell him that he's going to be stuck in prison. Quinn is distraught because she promised him freedom. Charlie says that just because Olivia stopped being a gladiator doesn't mean that they have to. Quinn goes to see the President herself to tell him about Shawn.

Quinn defends her case to him. He asks what she's basing his innocence on and she says her gut. He says isn't Olivia supposed to be the one telling him this. Quinn says that Olivia doesn't have the same opinion about the case. Quinn tells him that pardoning him will be bad for his reputation but it will also be right. Fitz tells Quinn she can leave but she tells him that she isn't leaving until he signs the petition. Fitz tells her to take a seat.

Marcus is packing up his office when Mellie walks in. She comes to ask him to stay on under her administration as communications director. He says thank you but Fitz had offered him a position to run his foundation. Mellie tries to convince him to stay but he says no. Abby and David have dinner together. David gets a call from Jake. They leave to meet Jake who tells them that Samantha's real name is Gertrude. They learn that Theodore Peus and Samantha weren't leading the operation. They were taking orders from someone else. Fitz has his final interview and tells them that he's kicking off his final week with a set of pardons. He announces that he is pardoning Shawn Campbell. He also announces that he's going to launch a foundation that will help with appeals.

Quinn meets Olivia in the office. She tells her what she did for Shawn. She says that she's sorry it wasn't the case that she wanted. Olivia shows her where the bank account information is. The whole case had been a test to see if Quinn could handle OPA on her own without Olivia. Olivia leaves after telling her that her office is now Quinn's new office.

David and Abby put Samantha's head into a trash bag. David tells Abby that she isn't evil. Jake arrives and tells them that he knows who the bigger bad is. Eli is walking towards a private jet plane when Olivia arrives. She takes him to the bunker beneath the White House. They show him who Peus was taking orders from and it turns out to be Olivia's mom, Maya Lewis.


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