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Gladiators in suits, remember? Now you know I gotta make you say it.

— Harrison to Quinn src

Harrison Wright was a member of the crisis management team at Olivia Pope's consulting firm, Olivia Pope & Associates where he was the Senior Associate.

The character of Harrison Wright was a main character for the first three seasons. Columbus Short who portrayed Harrison, announced that he would not be returning for Season Four due to personal reasons. [1]


At his funeral it is revealed, that he told people, that his parents met on a blind date. Olivia says, that this isn't true. He actually grew up in a group home. He grew up in Washington, D.C, He was a luxury car salesman in Takoma Park before he started working for Adnan Salif, an insider trader. They both made a fortune off the business, but were eventually caught. While Salif had to serve her time, Harrison managed to only serve six months out of the eight years he was supposed to serve with the help of powerful attorney and "fixer" Olivia Pope. Since being put on probation, he has been extremely loyal to Olivia and began working for her, barely questioning her actions, grateful that she does what she does, no matter what the means. Although, he eventually begins to question that - to himself.

Approximately nine months after former Senior Associate, Stephen Finch of - OPA - departed, Olivia started giving him more responsibility which ultimately led to him becoming the new Senior Associate along with getting Stephen's office which Olivia had been keeping as a shrine. (Spies Like Us) Shortly after his "promotion" Harrison took the lead on a case with all the associates - Abby, Quinn & Huck - on the case of Harold Pierce. (Defiance)

Harrison was sort of aware of Olivia's romantic past with President Fitzgerald Grant. When things started to get dicey for her with the possibility of her being named as his mistress to the press, Harrison offered his services to be her "fixer." Olivia, being the independent, prideful woman she is, declined but left him with a bunch of information just in case she had to depart the firm leaving Harrison to take over. (White Hat's Back On)

Adnan Salif who is no longer in the country is now trying to get back into the U.S. Cyrus Beene became aware of this when he needed Harrison to do something for him. So he threatened Harrison, do what Cyrus wants and Adnan Salif will never see the United Sates, don't do what Cyrus wants and Cyrus will make sure Salif's visa application is fast-tracked and approved. Scared for his life Harrison turns to Huck to help him stop Salif from getting into the country. Huck hacked into the government system and wiped Salif's visa application. But when Harrison didn't do what Cyrus wanted Cyrus still made sure Salif would get into the country. (Icarus)

Harrison is caught by Abby "borrowing" her gun. He reveals that Adnan Salif had sent him a picture of him with associates J.C., Hammer and Ivy. They had gone to Dubai to help Adnan with a deal and that the other 3 were now dead. He was worried that he would be next. Adnan shows up at the office and Harrison pulls the gun on her. She says that is not necessary, that she just wants to talk about how they can help each other. Then says she missed him, kisses him and they have sex on the desk. (Ride, Sally, Ride)


Rowan killed Harrison Wright when Harrison found out that Rowan was planning to kill Fitz Grant and Mellie Grant's son Jerry Grant and that Rowan also had Adnan killed to get Harrison to talk. We last saw Harrison with a gun to his head after Rowan ordered B613 Operative / White House Secret Service Agent Tom Larsen to take him out. (The Price of Free and Fair Election)


Harrison mixed business with pleasure when working on the Josie Marcus campaign. After Josie's sister/daughter, Candace Marcus, jumped the gun and did exactly what OPA told her not to do; Harrison was sent to lecture her and babysit her. Boy did he do that, Candace and Harrison slept together. (Vermont is for Lovers, Too)

Harrison is known to be a sweet-talker and a charmer, has been all his life; he can talk his way out of almost anything. Along with being a sweet talker, he's also a "fast" talker which comes in handy for his line of work both in law - as a attorney - and as a "fixer".

On blind dates, he likes to buy women dinner, because it makes it more likely that they'll either sleep with him or give him a second date. When he buys a woman dinner they'll know he's interested. (Sweet Baby)


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