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Season Six
Season 06, Episode 02
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Air Date: February 2, 2017
Viewers: 6.54 million
Written by: Matt Byrne
Directed by: Allison Liddi-Brown
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Previous Episode: "Survival of the Fittest"
Next Episode: "Fates Worse Than Death"

Hardball is the second episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the ninety-second overall.


Flashbacks show what happened on the campaign trail and to what lengths Olivia was willing to go for the win; Fitz and Abby face a national crisis; the gladiators work to get answers.


The episode flashbacks to the night that Mellie accepted the Republican nomination for President. Olivia warns her against dating Marcus and Mellie says that she has nothing to worry about. In the present, Olivia shares the voicemail message with Fitz Grant, Abby Whelan, and David Rosen. Olivia says that he isn't even looking into it but FBI director walks in and says otherwise. She briefs the president on their finding claiming that they found no evidence that could tie the murder to Cyrus Beene. Fitz tells Abby that they have to get the shooter's confession.

David goes to interview the shooter Nelsen and offer him a deal. The shooter declines the offer and is taken back to his cell. Mellie and Olivia talk about the investigation. Mellie goes to have a meeting with Cyrus and Fitz. Fitz tells them that they have to make a compromise to get them out of this mess. Cyrus offers her the vice presidency. Mellie tells him no. He tells her that he had nothing to do with Frankie Vargas's death and that Olivia is the bad guy. The episode flashes back to Marcus and Mellie on the baseball field where Marcus is trying to teach her how to throw a baseball. She almost kisses him but she decides against it and leaves him alone on the field.

Quinn and Charlie head back to the cabin to collect evidence. They find some but they don't succeed in getting it away from the FBI. Abby talks to Jake saying she needs his help. He agrees and asks what kind of help she needs. Mellie runs into Marcus in the hallway and she tells him that he can't do that. Can't keep coming up to her concerned. He didn't choose her, she says, because nobody ever does. The episode flashes back again to the night of the baseball game. Mellie succeeds in throwing the ball and is on every television channel. They share a drink of moonshine. Marcus says he should go but she asks him to stay. They kiss and have sex on her desk.

Olivia, Charlie, Huck, and Quinn talk about the case and tells them to go find a way to get the evidence back. Olivia goes to dinner with Angela. They end up talking about President Grant and the FBI director says that nothing has happened between them. Olivia encourages her to ask Grant out. Meanwhile, Quinn breaks into the FBI and steals a case file. Abby and Jake go to interview Nelsen without the consent of the Angela. They get his confession. Olivia and Mellie have a glass of wine. David arrives unexpectedly and tells them that the constitution is dying. Olivia goes to see Fitz but is turned away by Abby. Olivia tells her that false confession isn't going to help matters. Mellie calls Marcus and tells him about Cyrus's proposal. Marcus says that she should take it. Marcus tells her that he misses her and that she has to choose him.

The episode flashbacks again to Mellie with Olivia talking but Mellie is off in la la land. Mellie confesses to Olivia about what happened between her and Marcus. Olivia tells her that she is happy for her but reminds her that people in this town talk. She warns her that he could be seen as a social climber. She also tells her that she's happy for her. Huck gets the footage back from the laptop. In the past, Olivia asks Abby for a favor. She tells her that she needs help breaking them up. Mellie shows up at Olivia's house and asks if she was the one that got Marcus the press secretary job. She says yes because she was trying to make her president. Mellie leaves but Olivia follows and tells her that she made the sacrifice for her. Mellie tells her about the vice presidency and that she's going to accept. That she and Olivia are done. In the past, Marcus tells Mellie about the press secretary job. Mellie gets upset. She tells him off and leaves.

Olivia is tired of Quinn going back and forth over the proposal. She confronts Quinn and tells her that she's afraid to accept Charlie's proposal. Quinn says okay she gets it. Olivia attends Frankie Vargas's funeral. She stares down Cyrus as he leaves. Mellie goes to have a meeting with Fitz and Marcus. She sees that the oval office is empty and goes inside. She goes back to see Olivia and asks her if it hurt this bad when she left Fitz. She says yes. Huck interrupts them and shows the footage that he found. She goes to the White House and shows it to Fitz, who is with Angela. They see Cyrus and Frankie Vargas fighting. Fitz finally agrees that they'll actually start investigating the murder of Frankie Vargas.


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  • This episode is the first flashback episode of the sixth season and seventeenth flashback episode of the series.

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