Do you really think we don’t have a file on you? The woman who’s had her finger in every pile of dirt that gets dumped on this town? It’s a damned encyclopedia.

— Osborne to Olivia in her apartment,
Snake in the Garden

Grayden Osborne was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, married to Susan Osborne.


The character of CIA Director Grayden Osborne was a recurring character for the second season of the series. He appeared in the second half of the season (episodes 14-22).


When it was revealed that there was a mole leaking intelligence in the White House Administration he was tasked with discovering the mole's identity; he came up empty. Olivia and her team were led to believe that Osborne was responsible for killing Wendy, a reporter who had critical and confidential intelligence information about the location and identity of three CIA operatives; Osborne was "fingered" by Wendy's friend Molly.

Olivia handed over Wendy's information (that Osborne had failed to retrieve) to Jake Ballard who then passed it along to Pres. Fitzgerald Grant III, telling him that he got this information from a Confidential Informant (CI); the president used the information to locate and rescue the operatives, who had been taken hostage by terrorists.

After reviewing what Jake gave to Fitz; Fitz tasked Cyrus to investigate the leak further. They sent the FBI to search Osborne's house and office; when Osborne learned they were searching his place he confronted Cyrus who informed Osborne that the President would no longer be needing his services. Osborne pleaded to Cyrus saying he would never betray his country to no avail.

It was later reported that Osborne was found in his car after he apparently committed suicide; but was later revealed that he was murdered by Billy Chambers.



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