I might just be a metro reporter for a dying newspaper, but you're Olivia Pope. So, no. No, I didn’t have a story but now... now I do!

— Gideon to Olivia Pope, The Trail

Gideon Wallace was a reporter for the tabloid newspaper, The D.C. Sun, who was out to expose the details of the Amanda Tanner story who was in a relationship with Quinn Perkins.


The character of Gideon Wallace was a supporting character for the first season of the series.


Gideon tried to get information from the newest Associate at Olivia Pope & Associates, Quinn Perkins by visiting Amanda Tanner at the hospital after she tried to commit suicide. Gideon approaches Quinn trying to act normal but Quinn catches on quickly that Gideon is a reporter based off of the questions he's asking. Quinn shoos him away! But he tracks down Quinn at the OPA office where he bumps into Amanda and Olivia Pope realizing his story is bigger than he originally thought it was, since Olivia Pope is involved. (Dirty Little Secrets)

To keep him at bay Quinn asks him out on a date. So in exchange from publishing anything about Amanda for 72 hours Olivia gives Gideon a one-on-one interview with Sandra Harding after she turns her son, Travis Harding, into the police for rape. (Hell Hath No Fury)

Gideon eventually starts a relationship with Quinn, working on his story without asking help from her and, instead, gets his information from a source in the White House, later revealed to be Billy Chambers. After finally figuring out the mystery of Amanda's supposed affair with President Fitzgerald Grant and her pregnancy, he confronts Billy Chambers about it and threatens to expose him as the father of Amanda's child. Before he could show him the evidence, Billy picks up a pair of scissors nearby and stabs him in the neck, leaving him to bleed to death. (The Trail)



Quinn Perkins

Gideon eventually starts a relationship with Quinn, working on his story without asking help from her.


Gideon was a journalist. One of his stories included the Amanda Tanner scandal.



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