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Gettys Burger

Gettys Burger is a fast food restaurant and take-out service in Washington, D.C.


Gettys Burger is frequently used by the characters of Scandal. They serve freedom fries, union rings and a variety of burgers and sandwiches named for Civil War figures and other aspects of Americana from the era (for example, "Underground Railroad with Fries").


While mentioned frequently in the first two seasons, actual takeout from the apparently popular burger joint is not seen until Season 3, when Jake and Olivia would often indulge.

By Season 5, the restaurant becomes as a symbol for something regular Americans enjoy. On one of their first dates, David takes Susan to a Gettysburger after being surprised to learn that she had never visited one, since as a senator and then as vice president she had few opportunities to dine out like an everyday person. Later in the season, Olivia conceives Mellie Grant's disastrous visit to a Gettysburger, thinking it would help the senator connect with average voters. Mellie is caught in a lie when she tells customers she visits Gettysburger every Sunday after church -- before they inform her that the chain is closed on Sundays, in recognition of the first "major battle" of the Civil War (presumably the First Battle of Bull Run), which was fought on a Sunday.


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Mellie Takes The Gettysburger Test - Scandal

Mellie Takes The Gettysburger Test - Scandal