General Florez
Portrayed by José Zuniga
OPA Client
Biographical Information
Full name: General Benicio Florez
Status: Alive
Residence: Caracas, Venezuela
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Character Information
Portrayed by: José Zuniga
Appears in: Enemy of the State

General Florez is a brutal Venezuelan dictator (as presumed by the flags on the uniforms of the soldiers and the President's reference to President Chavez). The guy is a sworn enemy of the U.S. who is in town for an annual conference. He's comes to Olivia Pope & Associates looking for their help because someone has kidnapped his wife Carolina Florez and their children. He shows up at the office in the middle of the night with accompanied by his bodyguards startling Quinn, who's on duty for "incoming" at the office.

It turns out that his wife and children were not kidnapped, but were actually running away from him. Defending Carolina, Olivia Pope threatens him and causes him to back off.