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Franklin Russell was a B613 Agent.

Season Four

Olivia is startled when she woke up next to Russell. Actually, his name is Franklin, as in Franklin Russell. Olivia is surprised he gave her a fake name when she picked him up in the bar. Of course, she introduced herself as Alex. ("Honor Thy Father")

Season Five

Jake followed Tom Larsen and learnt that he was in cahoots with Russell, who was behind the initiation of Lazarus 1. Jake eventually put the pieces together and figured out that Russell was the one who killed Elise. In revenge and rage, Jake told Franklin to go onto his knees and shot him in his head. ("Baby, It's Cold Outside")


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Season Four:
"It's Good to Be Kink"
"Honor Thy Father"
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Season Five:
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
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