"Fates Worse Than Death"
6x03 - Cyrus Beene 01
Season Six
Season 06, Episode 03
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Air Date: February 9, 2017
Viewers: 6.22 million
Written by: Mark Fish
Directed by: Scott Foley
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Previous Episode: "Hardball"
Next Episode: "The Belt"

Fates Worse Than Death is the third episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the ninety-third overall.


In the midst of a national crisis, Cyrus’s fate is sealed. Meanwhile, Olivia and the gladiators will stop at nothing to get to the truth.


Cyrus Beene is getting ready to go to the office when Abby Whelan calls him and tells him to get a lawyer because of the investigation against him. He turns on the television and learns that he is considered a suspect in the murder of Frankie Vargas. He goes to leave his home when he's bombarded by reporters. Huck, Charlie, and Quinn are trying to figure out what Cyrus and Vargas's fight is about. They learn that the date of the argument is the same day that he won the vice presidential debate. It flashes back to Cyrus at the debate. When the debate is over, he runs into Vargas who is with Jennifer Fields, the newest member of their team. She is now their new videographer.

Cyrus tries to call David Rosen but can't get through. Cyrus says that he is being setup by Olivia Pope. That she is trying to steal the presidency from him. He tells Michael that he didn't do it. Elizabeth North shows up at his door and offers to help him. He asks what she wants. She says she wants to be Chief of Staff. He says okay. It flashes back to the night of the debate again where Cyrus and Olivia are talking about how her side lost the debate. He accuses her of being of being surprised of him winning. She tells him she didn't think it would work but she was wrong. She says that putting himself on the ticket worked out. He gets offended by this and tells her to never say that out loud. She tells him she's gonna dig until she finds out how he did it.

Fitz is in the oval office signing papers with Abby in silence. She tells him that he's wrong about opening up the investigation on Cyrus. She tells him that he's being played by Olivia. Cyrus and Fitz meet in private in a limousine. Fitz tells him that this can go two ways: he'll be convicted or he'll step down. If he steps down, he'll make the investigation go away and he'll be cleared. Cyrus says that he will withdraw right now but only if Mellie Grant does too. He tells Fitz to call Olivia and ask her opinion. Fitz says that this isn't about Olivia. Cyrus says that he isn't withdrawing.

Cyrus complains to Michael Ambruso about the investigation. He gets a call from Tom Larsen. Tom says that Cyrus used him which Cyrus denies. Tom says that he can take everything away from him simply by opening his mouth. Cyrus says he'll make things right but Tom hangs up on him. Huck goes to meet one of Jennifer's friends. She tells him about their affair and how she didn't get fired but got beat up by someone. It flashes back to when Cyrus met with Tom. He tells him about Jennifer and how she's thrown a wrench into his plans. Tom offers to take care of the girl. The two of them leave together.

Cyrus is freaking out because he knows Tom can take everything away from him. He tells Michael that he's in trouble and that it was because of Tom. Michael gets mad because he told him that they wouldn't have to deal with Tom. Cyrus tells him that he made a horrible mistake. Michael asks him if he killed Frankie Vargas. He then tells Cyrus that he doesn't want to know. It flashes back to Tom and Cyrus with Tom telling him that he took care of Jennifer. Tom tells him that Cyrus belongs on the throne and that he'll help him take what's his. He asks him if he wants it and Cyrus says that Frankie has been good to him. Tom asks him if he wants to be President of the United States and Cyrus says yes. They proceed to have sex.

Huck, Charlie, and Quinn tell Olivia that Tom was spotted in Jennifer's neighborhood the night she was beaten up. Olivia tells them they need to find evidence putting tom in Philadelphia the night of Frankie's shooting. It flashes back to Cyrus meeting with Frankie after Jennifer was beaten up. Cyrus confesses that he's the one that had Jennifer beaten up because he saw the way the two were looking at each other. Frankie says that there was nothing between them because he is a happily married husband. Frankie tells him that the two of them are done. Cyrus tries to convince him otherwise but Frankie tells him that what he did is inexcusable. Cyrus meets with Tom again. Tom says that she was a threat to his presidency. Cyrus tells him that Tom can't touch a hair on Frankie Vargas's head. Tom doesn't get it still believing that Cyrus is just pretending. Cyrus tells him that Tom is dead to him and that they are over.

Michael and Cyrus sit in silence as unloads the grocery bag. Inside the carton of rice is a gun for Cyrus. He goes to meet Tom to clear things up. Tom asks Cyrus what he wants. Cyrus says that Tom needs to stay quiet about what they were. Cyrus tells him that he loves Tom still despite Tom being angry with him. Tom tells him that he is done being his bitch and that he's on top now. Cyrus tries to pull the gun out but Tom already has it. Tom tells him that he deserves to die. Cyrus asks him that if he killed Frankie for him despite him telling him not to. Tom doesn't kill Cyrus but tells him that there are fates worse than death. He knocks Cyrus out with the butt of the gun.

Cyrus is sitting in his office when Michael walks in. Michael tells him that he's not leaving him. Cyrus tells him that he had plans for when he became President. He tells him that he had delusions of grandeur. Michael tells him that they can still beat this. Elizabeth shows up in Fitz office. She tells him that Cyrus will take the deal if it's still good. Tom confesses to killing Frankie under order from Cyrus. Olivia tells Mellie that Tom confessed and that Mellie will be becoming the next President of the United States. Cyrus says goodbye to his family. David shows up to take him into custody. Cyrus flashes back to when he was trying to convince Frankie to make David his running mate. Frankie says that he doesn't know the guy and Cyrus tells him to trust him. Frankie tells him that he wants Cyrus to be his vice president. Cyrus says yes.


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