Portrayed by Vanya Asher
White House Character
Character Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown (curly)
Eye color: Brown
Occupation: WH Aide
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Vanya Asher
First appearance: It's Handled
Latest appearance: Where the Sun Don't Shine
Appearance Count: 10

Sir, I'm sorry... (interrupted by Cyrus) I failed you sir!

— Ethan to Cyrus, Say Hello to My Little Friend

Ethan is a White House Aide, who works in the communications office; his boss is Press Secretary Abby Whelan. In many ways Ethan is Jeannine Locke's replacement.


The character of Ethan is a recurring character for the third season and fourth season of the series.


He worked with Jeannine Locke after Olivia Pope's name was outed as the president's mistress. They were tasked by Cyrus to dig up everything they could about a her, a "kill folder," to burn her. But after Cyrus and Harrison Wright worked together to help clear Olivia's name his focus was then shifted to keep tabs on Jeannine. (White Hat's Back On)

Once Jeannine's name was leaked to the press as the president's mistress Ethan was then tasked with keeping tabs on Jeannine and finding ways to prove that she was in in the White House on late nights that the president was in his office. But Pope & Associates were looking for the same logs to prove she wasn't so they sent Abby Whelan to get them from Ethan, intimidated and "scared straight" by Abby after she informed about all the porn he'd downloaded to his computer through the White House servers he handed the chat logs over to Abby. (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)

About a month or so later after democratic Congresswoman Josephine Marcus made an announcement that she planned to run for president in the next election Cyrus then sent Ethan to Montana to dig up any dirt on Josie that he could find. Ethan thought he failed Cyrus but in fact he did quite the opposite. After learning that Josie gave birth to a child but didn't keep it Cyrus sent him back to Montana to look for anybody in the town who knew about the pregnancy and the child. (Say Hello to My Little Friend)

He came across a few people who knew the true story some wouldn't talk and the one person he finally found, the baby daddy, who would talk was paid off by Pope & Associates before Ethan could get to him. He called Cyrus to inform him that they'd be "Poped"! (More Cattle, Less Bull)