"Enemy of the State"
Scandal ep4
Season One
Season 01, Episode 04
Episode Information
Air Date: April 26, 2012
Viewers: 6.86 million
Written by: Richard E. Robbins
Directed by: Michael Katleman
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Previous Episode: "Hell Hath No Fury"
Next Episode: "Crash and Burn"

Enemy of the State is the fourth episode of the first season of Scandal.


Olivia and Cyrus get into a heated argument about the Amanda Tanner case; the team helps a dictator who claims his wife and children were kidnapped.


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • The gladiators help General Benicio Florez find his kidnapped wife and children, who turn out to have run away from him.
  • Olivia takes on the General when he will only let his wife, Carolina leave him on the condition that he takes the children.
White House:
  • Cyrus arranges to pay Amanda Tanner $10 million, but when that doesn’t work he hires a team to dig up information on Olivia Pope & Associates.
  • Mellie & Cyrus work together to quash Fitz’s newest plan; giving up the presidency after learning about Amanda’s pregnancy.


There's an army in the offices of Olivia Pope & Associates the men assigned to protect General Benicio Florez, a brutal South American dictator. The guy is a sworn enemy of the U.S. who is in town for an annual conference. He's in the office because someone has kidnapped his wife and children. The general's oldest son was a witness to the kidnapping, but the team believes he's not being completely truthful about all that happened. Huck tracks down the younger son's computer game to locate the rest of the family. They are at a women's shelter where they find out that Florez's wife, Carolina, wasn't kidnapped. She ran to escape from the clutches of her dictator husband. Abby doesn't want to return this frightened woman to the general, so she checks her and the kids into a hotel and then lies to Olivia in order to keep this secret.

Abby is shocked when she sees Carolina and her kids in the office the next day where Olivia explains to General Florez that kidnappers must have lost their nerve. Abby later screams that when she was beaten by her ex-husband, Olivia broke the guy's kneecaps with a tire iron, which is just the wake-up call Olivia needs. She tries to sneak Carolina away while her husband is occupied. Unfortunately, the general returns before they can get away. Florez will let Carolina leave, but the kids stay with him.

Olivia meets up with General Florez as he's preparing to return to his own country. She assures him that Carolina is not going away. She will strike back by writing memoirs and talking about women's rights in the developing world and will become a hero who will inspire others to rise up and fight. If the general wants to survive politically in the future, he should reconsider taking his children away from their mother, which Florez does!

Cyrus lets Olivia know that they'll pay $10 million, but Amanda Tanner doesn't want money. She wants to keep her baby, and she also wants to tell the world what the president did. As for Cyrus, he's hired a team to dig up as much dirt possible on Olivia and everyone else in her office. When Billy Chambers clues her in as to what's happening at the White House, Olivia calls Cyrus to let him know they plan to have a chat with Diane Sawyer. However, after Amanda is prepped by the team, she makes a phone call. She says, "I'm done, I can't do this anymore. I can't lie anymore. I'm out. I'm gonna tell them the truth..."

Harrison then catches Quinn getting chummy with Gideon Wallace at a bar. He advises her to shut down this budding relationship because there will come a time when she'll have to lie to him and Quinn is a terrible liar. Gideon, however, claims that he has another source, so dating wouldn't be a conflict of interest for him. He also digs up old video footage of the president sharing a moment with Amanda. Then, in the middle of a make-out session with Quinn, Gideon asks if Amanda Tanner was sleeping with the president!

Cyrus lets the president know that Amanda is pregnant. He then goes off on a rambling, yet eloquent, speech of what the future holds. It isn't pretty. Fitz has never seen Cyrus like this and he contemplates giving it all up, which is a plan Mellie coldly rejects. Later, Fitz gives a stirring speech at the annual assembly, and, afterwards, he lets his chief-of-staff know that their real problem is Olivia Pope.

Cyrus lets Olivia know that the President of the United States has declared war on her and Olivia briefs her staff on this latest turn of events. She gives them all an out but not one person takes it. They are all in when it comes to Amanda Tanner, who is suddenly in danger! Inside her apartment, she is attacked when a gloved hand covers her mouth and the intruder plunges a syringe between her toes. Amanda's struggling leg instantly goes limp as the intruder carries her unconscious, bound and gagged body out the back door...

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