5x02 - Elizabeth North and Fitz Grant 02

Elizabeth North and Fitz Grant

Appearances: Season Four, Season Five

Elizabeth North and Fitz Grant worked in The White House.

Season Four

4x01 - Elizabeth North and Fitz Grant 01

when Fitz as happy with his decision to make David Rosen his new Attourney General, the Republican Party is not, mainly the Head of the Republican National Committee Elizabeth North, she believed David was a terrible choice. Elizabeth wanted David to decline his nomination but David wants to win. As Head of the RNC, Elizabeth has a lot of power; and she used that power to try and persuade Cyrus Beene that David Rosen is not the right nominee for Attorney General. She went into Cyrus Beene's office with pictures of David's ex-Wife; who had been domestically abused, she tells Cyrus that these pictures (if they get out to the press) would hurt David and Cyrus in this process. Unfortunately the pictures didn't work, everyone loves David Rosen and becomes the new Attorney General.

While Mellie was celebrating her win as Senator of Virginia, Elizabeth showed Fitz a photo and told him about Mellie's deal with Damascus Bainbridge (Rowan); who is the man responsible for their son Jerry Grant Jr.'s assassination. After this relvalation Fitz kicks Mellie out of The White House, fires Cyrus Beene and hires Elizabeth as his new Chief of Staff.

Season Five

5x14 - The Susan Ross Show 03

After re-hiriing Cyrus as his Chief of Staff, Fitz made Elizabeth Vice President Susan Ross' Presidential Campaign Manager. Elizabeth wanted Susan Ross to run for President because the American people like her and because she wanted to get into the Oval office, so she convinced David Rosen to suggest running for President to Susan Ross; Susan finally agreed to run for President; thanks to David calling her a "Warrior". David broke up with Elizabeth when he fell in love with Susan and to stop hurting Susan. They still worked together to help Susan but that didn't last very long, as Susan dropped out of the Presidential race because David lied to her. Elizabeth told David and Susan to stay together to make the American people believe that they were a successful couple.


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