"Dirty Little Secrets"
Season One
Season 01, Episode 02
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Air Date: April 12, 2012
Viewers: 7.28 million
Written by: Heather Mitchell
Directed by: Roxann Dawson
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Previous Episode: "Sweet Baby"
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It's a dirty little secret. And dirty little secrets always come out.

Olivia to Billy Chambers

Dirty Little Secrets is the second episode of the first season of Scandal.


Olivia must protect a new client who is under investigation by the US Attorney's office. Quinn runs into trouble with Amanda Tanner when a charming reporter, Gideon Wallace, approaches Quinn at the hospital trying to get information.

Meanwhile at The White House, President Grant has just nominated his first Supreme Court Justice, a man who has crossed paths with Olivia's most recent client.


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • DC’s finest madam, Sharon Marquette is under investigation by the US Attorney’s office.
White House:
  • President Grant is nominating is first Supreme Court Justice, Patrick Keating, who ends up being a client of Sharon Marquette.


Sharon Marquette is DC's finest madam and Olivia Pope's latest client. That's why she has her team swipe all incriminating material from Sharon's house before Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen can raid the place. The primary item he wants is Sharon's client list which is safely hidden in her family photo albums. Stephen also had a previous relationship with this woman, as he was one of her clients. This tidbit doesn't make Abby happy.

Sharon's client list is a who's who of Washington heavyweights, one of whom could cause headaches for the White House. His name is Patrick Keating and he is slated to be President Grant's first Supreme Court nominee. Olivia makes a beeline for the Oval Office, but can't get in because her pass has been revoked. The Vice President's Chief of Staff, Billy Chambers, vouches for her and also convinces Olivia to meet with the soon-to-be-scandalized Patrick Keating.

Scandal ep2 abby

Olivia gives Keating the scoop about the DC madam in front of his wife. He's listed as meeting a call girl named Stacey on several occasions, but the judge denies this and his wife agrees that her husband did nothing wrong. Olivia eventually realizes that the Stacey they are looking for has been right in front of them the whole time. It's Keating's wife, Claire! She met Patrick after being stood up by a client on her first night of work for Sharon Marquette. He had no idea what she did for a living as they began a relationship and the money she made from her work put him through law school.

The keatings

Claire never knew how to tell her husband his entire life was built on a lie, but Olivia says she has to tell him now and Patrick Keating's Supreme Court dream is imploding! Olivia later has a private meeting with Fitz , who says that love allows for forgiveness. Once again, Olivia is thrown completely off balance in the presence of the president and, later, Fitz admits to Cyrus that Olivia Pope is the love of his life.

Sharon doesn't want to give up her client list because many families could be destroyed and a judge ultimately denies Steven and Harrison's request to keep things under wraps. Olivia then instructs her team to assemble every client on Sharon's list and her office is filled with some of the most powerful men in Washington. This includes folks on the Senate Judiciary Committee who agree to approve Patrick Keating for the high court with unprecedented bipartisan support, and David's bosses order him to drop the case.

Scandal ep3

Quinn runs into a reporter named Gideon Wallace who is hanging around Amanda Tanner's hospital room because he smells a story. Olivia orders Quinn to keep an eye on Amanda, but Amanda has skipped out of the hospital! Later, Olivia apologizes to Amanda at her apartment but the apology is not accepted. That doesn't stop Olivia from letting Amanda know that her life will be destroyed if she goes through this alone, and she finally agrees to let Olivia represent her.

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Cyrus talking to President Grant about his affair with Olivia.

Cyrus: You’re having an affair with Olivia Pope.
Fitz: I am not having an... (interrupted by Cyrus)
Cyrus: Having, had, don’t Clinton me with words. Something happened between you and Olivia. And something happened between you and Amanda Tanner. I need to know how much trouble we’re in.

Abby reporting about Sharon Marquette to the team.

Abby: Sharon Marquette. D.C.'s one stop shop for high-priced hookers. Yesterday, one of Sharon's newest working girls, Ginger Bell... seriously her real name is Ginger Bell. Like her parents didn’t want her to go to college, like they planned for their kid to be a hooker. Ginger Bell got herself arrested in the lobby of the Hay Adams. … Ginger Bell sang like a little bird, a bird who has sex for money, the second they locked her in a cell.

Mellie giving Cyrus a suggestion about what to do with the Keating situation.

Mellie: Well you know what I always say... if it's serious get Olivia on it.

Gideon Wallace telling Olivia (with Quinn & Amanda there) how/why he has a story.

Gideon: She (Amanda) tried to kill herself the day after she stopped working for the President and she (Quinn) lied about who she works for. And now they're both here in this office with you. And I might just be a metro reporter for a dying newspaper, but you're Olivia Pope. So, no. No, I didn’t have a story but now... now I do!


The "Fixer" Speech

You want to be left alone? A blogger posted a story about you today. Just a couple of sentences, nothing major. But someone out there is going to follow up and want you to answer some questions. Do you know what you’re say? Exactly what you're going to say to every question, every time someone calls? Because if you don’t there's gonna be more questions from more reporters. You're gonna say or do the wrong thing, you'll get flustered you'll get upset and you'll say that'll bring out the dogs. And what started out as two sentences on a blog nobody reads is going to turn into a full-blown tabloid scandal. And the tabloids are gonna feel like a walk in the park once the networks pick up the story. And they will, because this story has a scent. It smells like paper's sold, it smells like ratings. Your face is gonna be on the front page of every newspaper in the entire world and they'll be no leaving you alone then. You will never, ever be alone again. I made you want to die and I’m sorry about that, I'm not proud of that, I'm not. But now I would like to help you, I can help you if you let me.

Cyrus' Rant

"This was our guy. You chose this guy. He was your pick, you loved this guy; the President loves this guy. He's Clarence Darrow for the 21st Century. When he's not writing opinions for the Tenth Circuit, he herds cattle on his ranch in Wyoming. He flawless. You know how I know? We vetted and we found nothing. The man is a saint. Which is why the President stood in front of the press and nominated him to the highest court in the land!"


  • This marks the first episode where Quinn reveals a very small glimpse of her past as Lindsay Dwyer, although she didn't refer to herself as Lindsay.
"I was in trouble once... a lot of people wanted to... I was in trouble, I was alone and it was awful. But if I had had someone, someone who knew what I should say, what I should do; I would have given anything to have that person by my side. And Olivia Pope, she wears the white hat."


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