"Dead in the Water"
6x09 - Olivia Pope and Charlie 03
Season Six
Season 06, Episode 09
Episode Information
Air Date: April 6, 2017
Viewers: 5.10 million
Written by: Michelle Lirtzman
Directed by: Nicole Rubio
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Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "A Stomach for Blood"
Next Episode: "The Decision"

Dead in the Water is the ninth episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the ninety-ninth overall.


It’s a race against the clock when Olivia and OPA’s investigation into the conspiracy puts one of their own in grave danger.


Jake visits the hotel Jennifer Fields was being kept at but finds it empty. Meg kidnaps Huck and stuffs him into the trunk of her car. Olivia, Quinn, and Charlie are trying to figure out who the mysterious people behind the President-elect's assassination. Jake shows up asking where Jennifer is. They say they don't know that Huck went to visit her this morning with Meg. Olivia tells Jake to find Huck and bring him back.

Quinn and Charlie go to the hotel to search for clues. They find blood stains on the floor which lead them to believe that Huck is gravely injured. Charlie says he could be dead by Quinn says he can't be. Olivia goes to visit Abby and tells her about Huck missing. Abby tells her that she knows Huck, that he goes dark sometimes. Olivia says no that that isn't it. She tells Abby about the people behind Frankie Vargas's murder and that if Abby could help him that would be helpful.

Huck wakes up in the trunk of Meg's car laying next to Jennifer's dead body. Meg drives the car out to a reservoir and pushes it off a cliff and into the water below. Huck starts to freak out as the car fills up with water. He tries to get the trunk door open but it won't budge. He pushes Meg's body out of the way and tries to get the back seat to fold down but that doesn't work either.

He starts to hallucinate and has a dream of him being back at OPA. They advise him on how to escape. He manages to get to the front of the car where he has access to the windows. He tries to break them but isn't able to until he grabs one of the seat's headrests and uses the sharp end to shatter the glass. He swims to the surface where he floats on his back and realizes that he can't swim that far to land.

Abby calls Samantha Ruland what she did with Huck. Samantha tells her that Huck is dead. She asks where Huck's body is but Samantha hangs up on her. Quinn and Charlie go to Meg's place to find evidence where they find a laptop that Huck used to backup all surveillance of Meg's apartment on. Abby goes to visit Fitz and tells him everything.

Marcus show up at OPA and asks Olivia what he can do to help find Huck. She tells him to leave but he says he isn't going to so she asks him to just sit there with her.

Huck manages to swim to shore. He has a hallucination of himself talking to him and taunting him. He tells himself that they're going to find him. Olivia asks if she's a good boss. Marcus says yes that she always has his back and that Huck knows that too. Abby shows up at OPA and Olivia slaps her. She asks her where Huck is and Abby says she doesn't know. Olivia demands that Abby tells her everything.

Quinn and Charlie pay Meg a visit at her apartment. Abby tells Olivia about the deal she made. Abby begs her to forgive her and Olivia asks if she can help find Huck. Abby says no and Olivia says she's worthless. Olivia forces her to stay so that she doesn't go running back to her friends. Huck drags Jennifer's body out of the water. Quinn and Charlie torture Meg for information. Quinn accidentally kills Meg in a fit of rage.

Quinn and Charlie arrive back at OPA and Olivia gets mad at Quinn for doing that because now they don't have any leads. Charlie goes to talk to Olivia and tells her that she has to do something to rally the troops because they are giving up. Olivia tells them that they won't give up and that they will find Huck whether he is dead or alive. They realize that they aren't just looking for Huck but Jennifer as well. Jake gave Jennifer a phone in case something happens so they track her phone and it leads them to the reservoir where they find Huck. Quinn says that she has to do something but Marcus says that they have to keep an eye on Abby. Quinn asks her what she did and she attacks her.

Olivia and Jake find Huck and he is taken to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Huck lost a lot of blood tonight and that he might have severe brain damage or not wake up at all. Fitz shows up and asks how Huck is doing and she tells him that he might die. Fitz tells her that Abby told him everything and that she needs to forgive her. Quinn goes to visit Huck in his hospital room. He wakes up and she crawls into bed with him. Charlies watches from the outside. Olivia goes to find Abby and holds her hand while Abby cries.


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