No wait a second… I thought-- You can’t go saying anything about this to anybody. I never would’ve tried anything if I hadn’t heard you were in an open marriage.

— Daniel to James after he tries to kiss him.,
Vermont is for Lovers, Too

Daniel Douglas Langston is Sally Langston's deceased husband. He was stabbed to death.


The character of Daniel Douglas Langston was a minor supporting character who made his debut in the third season of the series. Prior to that he was only mentioned as either "Dan" or "Doug".


He supports Sally in all of her political moves. While Sally is working on the in The White House, Daniel Douglas spends most of his time out golfing.

Daniel has a weakness or an Achilles heel that is very much like Fitz's. He has a wandering eye. Sally revealed this to Fitz after his name was being drudged through the mud in the media again about Olivia Pope being his mistress.

When Sally decides to run for president as an Independent candidate her campaign manager, Leo Bergen asks if Daniel is going to be "an asset or an obstacle?" She tells Leo "he's both, that he can work a crowd with the best of them. But sometimes he's been known to trip over his own two feet along the way."

Fitz and Mellie share a dinner with the Langston's at The White House, while Fitz and Sally talk about political problems Daniel Douglas flirts with Mellie and holds her hand in an affectionate way. This clearly disturbs Sally.

Once Cyrus learns that Sally is going to run for president, Mellie suggests that they use Daniel's weakness for wandering eyes against Sally. (Icarus)

Cyrus and Mellie bait Daniel Douglas with a trap at a dinner, an escort at a White House dinner function. But he rejects her. After she walks away and they think the girl just wasn't her type Mellie catches Daniel Douglas flirting with someone else, which was James Novak. (Everything's Coming Up Mellie)


  • It was implied by James that Daniel Douglas had a large penis.


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