Bill Meyer
Deceased Character
Character Information
Hair color: Black
Episode of Death: All Roads Lead to Fitz
Cause of Death: Shot by Samuel Reston
Occupation: Contractor
Significant Other:
Appearance Information
Appears in: All Roads Lead to Fitz

Bill Meyer was a general contractor who has a habit of having sexual relationships with the wives in the homes he builds. His last project was the house of Governor Samuel Reston, before he was shot dead after Samuel caught him "raping" his wife, Joan Reston.

However he was in fact not raping the governors wife; they were in fact lovers. In order to save her marriage Joan cried "rape" when her husband came home early.

But little did Joan and Bill know that Governor Reston was very aware of the affair and had planned for a while to kill Bill and pin the murder on his wife for having an affair. Famous "fixer" Olivia Pope figured this out shortly after Joan turned herself in for causing Bill's death. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

But over a year later Joan learned the truth about how and why her lover was killed. (The Fluffer)