Becky Flynn
Portrayed by Susan Pourfar
6x07 - Becky Flynn
Biographical Information
Full name: Rebecca Flynn
Born: January 17, 1982
Status: Alive
Residence: Prison
  • Kate
  • Cocaine
Past Occupations:
  • CIA Operative
  • Assassin-for-Hire
  • Graphic Designer
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Past Relationships:
  • Huck (ex-boyfriend)
  • Sister
Character Information
First appearance: "Beltway Unbuckled"
Latest appearance: "A Traitor Among Us"
Appearance Count: 8

Becky Flynn is a former CIA Operative, an assassin for hire and an ex-girlfriend of Huck.


Becky was a supporting character for the first half (episodes 4-13) of the second season of the series; she supported the Defiance storyline, expanded Huck's character and explored more into the storyline of Lindsay Dwyer.


Season 2

Becky was hired by Hollis Doyle to assassinate Jesse Tyler along with six of his co-workers at Cytron when Jesse was asking too much from Hollis, by threatening to go to reporters and asking for more money for assisting with the election rigging. Becky setup Lindsay Dwyer for the bomb she sent to the Cytron office. (Truth or Consequences)

Years later Becky was hired by Verna Thornton to assassinate the President of the United States (POTUS), Fitz Grant. Verna hired her approximately 6 months (give-or-take) prior to the assassination attempt. (Nobody Likes Babies)

Becky sought out Huck at an "Alcoholics Anonymous" meeting, passing herself off as a cocaine addict who attends a lot of addiction support groups. She introduced herself to Huck as "Cocaine" trying to spark up a romance with him, so she could get close to him. On their first date Huck showed Becky his "family", the family he wished he was his own. (Beltway Unbuckled / All Roads Lead to Fitz)

Becky setup a remote-controlled sniper rifle in the hotel outside of where his birthday gala was going to be held. The rifle shot President Grant at least once in the head, killed Press Secretary Britta Kagen, and injured Secret Service Agent Hal Rimbeau. Becky tried to frame Huck for the assassination by luring him to the hotel. (Happy Birthday, Mr. President / Blown Away)

Becky seeks out Huck after he figures out what she really did; although he initially didn't believe that she had anything to do with it. She reveals to Huck that she was supposed to frame him for everything by spreading his DNA all over the room, and then kill him to make it look like he had committed suicide after shooting the president. But Becky chose not to because she had grown to love him; so she asked Huck to come with her, to get away. He was hesitant to at first but later agreed to only to get to the truth. But Becky realized what Huck was going to do, so she comes after his "family" killing all of members including the dog. Becky gets away and Huck gets detained for the shooting. (Blown Away)

Becky is finally captured and detained when Huck learns that the president is still alive and he convinces the government that, "she's not done yet." So Huck tricks Becky while helping the government and they finally detain the real culprit behind the assassination attempt. (One For the Dog)

Season 6




Becky met Huck at an "Alcoholics Anonymous" meeting, passing herself off as a cocaine addict who attends a lot of addiction support groups, including: NA (narcotic), GA (gambling), and DA (debtors). She introduced herself to Huck as "Cocaine" trying to spark up a romance with him; but he was hesitant to show affection until the next meeting he attended after he spoke about how he relapsed he went back to his seat and held her hand. (Beltway Unbuckled)

A few weeks later Huck decided to ask Becky out on a date, which for Huck is "scary" Before he could actually finish asking her out she blurts out "YES". After trying to have a real date at a restaurant and failing Huck takes Becky to a house with his "family" - that he's never met - and tells her about them. They kiss for the first time. (All Roads Lead to Fitz)

After sleeping with Becky, Huck attempts to run a background check on her, telling Olivia that she is so "normal", and how it feels both good and weird. But Olivia encourages him not to, telling him that he needs to trust her. (Spies Like Us)


Hollis Doyle

Hollis contacted Becky to assassinate Jesse Tyler, since began asking too many questions Hollis hired her to kill Jesse and his co-workers erasing any trace of election rigging. (Truth or Consequences)

Verna Thornton

Becky's relationship with Verna Thornton is very similar to that of her relationship with Hollis Doyle, it was strictly professional. Verna sought out Becky when she wanted to assassinate the President of the United States. (Nobody Likes Babies)


Becky is an assassin-for-hire. One of her targets was Jesse Tyler, and framed the explosion on Lindsay Dwyer, his girlfriend at the time. She was behind the attempted assassination of the President and murder of Britta Kagen. She was formerly a CIA operative.